What Is Contextual Advertising

The term contextual advertising means the advertisements that you see on websites or in other Medias like in the displays of a mobile phone, is where the advertisements are chosen and served by an automated system that is based on the content displayed by the user. For example, if you wanted to place a contextual ad on your website and your website is about books, then the advertiser will display ads about bookstore and books and anything book or magazine related. The ads will reflect the content of the site.

Google Adsense was the first major contextual advertising program to become available for web users. These ads are work by giving webmasters a JavaScript Code that when insert the code into the web page you want to advertise on it will pull up similar advertisements from the Google inventory of advertisers. The way the importance of the ad in relation to the content is calculated by what the Google Bot has indexed.

Since the concept of Adsense, began others have long since began their own Adsense like Yahoo! Publisher network, Microsoft ad Center and others have thrown their hats in the ring. The concept of contextual advertising has made a huge difference in the way webmasters make money on the Internet. The more closely the ads are related to the content the more likely it is that visitors to the site will most likely click on these ads which in turn makes money for the webmaster and for the server of the advertiser.

A big part of Google’s revenue is from their potion of the contextual ads that are being used right now on millions and millions of WebPages in the Adsense program. Some of the other contextual advertisers are AdBrite, BidClix, Q-Ads, Kanoodle Bright Ads, Targetpoint, Searchfeed.com and more. Just sign up on for these Adsense companies and sign up and get started. Once you apply, it is not guaranteed what ads you are going to get, you really don’t get to pick and choose but the ads that are appropriate for your site you will get. There aren’t any Adsense companies that will put ad that is not affiliated with your content.

The goal they understand is for you to make money because the more money you make the more money they make. They have your best interest at heart because when you make money they make money.

The Fight for Advertising Supremacy between Yahoo and Google

Two of the biggest names in the Internet are Yahoo and Google. Its no longer surprising that competition will exist between these two giants. When Google has launched its adsense campaign it started dominating the Internet but of course Yahoo will not just let this pass without creating one of their own. If Google has Adsense, Yahoo on its part has created the Yahoo Publisher. But comparing the overall design of the two programs we will see that they are somewhat similar in some respects.

To better understand the two programs it would be best that we discuss them separately.

Google’s Adsense

Let us start with the infamous Adsense Program. This program is an automated ad service that allows small web owners to display advertisements on their own web pages in return they will receive a portion or a share of the pay-per-click revenue that Google will generate out from the Adsense. This is an additional income for web owners.

Google’s adsense in one view may seem to be a simple concept but behind it is a complicated technology that only the smartest and the brightest team of Google can effectively accomplished. The adsense program is wholly automated and makes use of a crawler that assesses the contents found on a publisher’s site. After the evaluation is complete Google will then provide the publisher with some Javascript code to embed in their pages.

If ever the Javascript is activated a call is made back to Google to pull some ads out from the adsense program. The ads generated will be in accordance to the content found on the page. For example if the content of the page deals on wheelchairs then all ads regarding wheelchairs will appear. If you want to gain more from adsense it would be best to customize the colors as well as the formats to match the theme of your site.

This will make the adsense appear as if it is an original part of the page. This will lead your site visitors to think that it is a link to one of your site’s pages and would therefore click on it for additional information that they may require.

Yahoo’s Publisher

There are several features that set Yahoo’s Publisher distinct from Google adsense and these are as follows:

1. You will not see the Google’s famous tagline-“Ads by Google” 2. The ad blocks used by Yahoo do not touch each other 3. Another obvious distinction is the text inside a block is cut off and ends in an ellipsis.

These are just some of the prominent features that differentiate Yahoo’s Publisher from Google’s Adsense. But unlike Yahoo, Google requires its advertisers to refrain from using incomplete phrases and to limit the phrases to a certain number of characters per line.

In using Yahoo’s Publisher when you click on the ads you are transmitted to the advertiser’s page but you have to pass through first an Overture server. This Overture Server by the way is Yahoo subsidiary or soon to become Yahoo Search. The main function of this server is to do ad serving.

Now that you know the features and benefits of both programs you may now decide which of these two would be more advantageous for your sites.

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