Benefits Of An Advertising Network

An advertising network connects advertisers and publishers interested in hosting advertisements. The network provides the advertiser with the ability to reach a wide range of audiences to increase website traffic and sales. The arrangement is mutually beneficial. The advertisers get their ads in front of more people to drive more traffic to their websites and publishers generate income from hosting ads.

The advertising network allows advertisers to create and manage pay for results campaigns in all types of internet marketing. Effective online advertising options include email campaigns, search engine marketing, display advertising, and social media marketing advertising campaigns. The network allows advertisers to reach the target audience, increase conversion, and achieve better results for their online marketing efforts.

The publisher has the ability to generate additional income through hosting ads and uses the advertising network to manage campaigns and provides tools to help the publishers identify the highest paying campaigns. This provides the ability to maximize profit, since the advertiser only pays for results.

Using online tools, website owners can create custom ads for search engine marketing, display advertising and email marketing. To achieve the best results, an online marketing plan should incorporate a combination of methods to reach your target audience and generate traffic to your website. Often, the business owner will not have the knowledge or time to devote to creating a successful campaign and will choose to let professionals handle the job.

Email marketing represents a significant and growing portion of the direct marketing industry. When the campaign is targeted to customers who have opted in for email messages from your company or companies like yours, this method is an effective way to generate business, connect with customers and encourage repeat business.

Media Trust’s CPC bidding platform, Performance Exchange, is an advertising network that is designed to connect advertisers with new customers. The platform allows for CPC bidding and the winning bidder’s text ads are generated in real time. As an advertiser, you pay for qualified customers delivered to your landing page.

The text ads are created by our online marketing experts to help you achieve your goals for generating leads and improving sales. The service includes relevant creative graphics that are displayed to a targeted audience that is most likely to respond to ads like yours.

Performance Exchange is an easy to use advertising network. You have the tools needed to set budgets, place bids, and see the results of your online marketing efforts. Maintaining regulatory compliance for email marketing is easy with Media Trust Our ads are monitored for CANSPAM compliance. Learn more about the benefits of our platform for enhancing your online marketing efforts on our website.

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