How To Test Market Using Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hangers Can Be Helpful in Targeting a Specific Group

Door hanger marketing is a way to market a specific business, service, or even make an announcement. Door hangers are very specific and come in a variety of different makes, designs, and sizes. They are also easy to make and the average person can easily make a door hanger at little cost to them. Making a door hanger is simple but does require a few materials to get started. To begin the more durable the paper the better. The heavier paper, known as card stock, is frequently best when it comes to longevity and durability. It is also important to have a computer and printer that can handle the job.

Any computer program will work, but you need a program such as Microsoft Word, or Adobe Publisher to do the job, as it is important to use text as well as a graphic of some sort. The design needs to be catchy, but simplistic and it must have a place for a door knob.

Most people who use door hangers distribute the hangers to a specific area themselves or with a group of people. This is the most cost effective way to do a small area, however there are companies that are available for a price that can aid in expanding the distribution area and aid in the number of bodies used to distribute.

This form of marketing is centralized and is proven to get a second look about 80% of the time. The goal is to reach the target, so the advertising should cater to the target. To be the most effective, adequate research of the area that the door hangers will be placed should be monitored to return the best results. The first time is usually the most difficult to get started, but once started door hangers are an effective way to generate results.

Door Hanger Marketing Emits Timeless “Door-to-door” Feel

Everyone has seen an old movie or listened to a story of the vacuum salesmen that go door to door selling their vacuum because it is the best. With the world the way that it is right now , door hangers have taken the place of the older door-to-door salesmen by being less intrusive and more effective.

Door hangers used to market a company are beneficial to everyone. They are light and strong and they don’t require an actual conversation. Door hangers are used to recognize a specific brand and are double sided therefore having 50% more information than a typical postcard. By hanging a door hanger the target does not fret that they were intruded on, and some may even pass them onto a friend because they tend to be light and less of a burden than that of a pamphlet or magazine.

Another positive about door hangers is that they are very accessible without a way to “opt out,” of the distribution. Most people do not mind a tiny hanger on their door, so the door hanger makes its way into the house and is more likely to be read. Doors are not the only places that the hangers can be placed. Some key companies place hangers on gates, security fences and anywhere else the consumer may commonly go .

Door hangers are a new way that companies are advertising as junk mail is demeaned . More prominent hangers can be recognized and aid in establishing a brand while general hangers are used for more widespread phrases such as “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” or something more practical such as “there are 1.7 million germs on this hanger.” The look of the hangers vary and range to extremely eye catching.