SoundCloud A Site Hosting Songs Sound As Well Or Social Network

The main feature of SoundCloud is allows the artist / music producer upload their music with typical URL. Almost the same with MySpace, which hosts music only on MySpace. By letting the sound file that will be embedded anywhere, SoundCloud can be combined with Twitter and Facebook to let members reach their audiences better. Why SoundCloud, those of you who love music and want to promote yourself maybe this is the place, therefore a lot of music lovers who choose Soundcloud as a promotional event, looking for talent, and just have fun .

SoundCloud distribute music using widgets and applications. Users can place widgets on your website or blog of their own, and then automatically SoundCloud will Tweet Track any music or uploaded. SoundCloud has an API that allows other applications or smartphones to upload or download music and sound files. Apps available for iPhone, iPad, and Android platform and Symbian applications already exist. Thus the question how to get more plays on SoundCloud? has been answered. Anywhere and anytime we can connect to SoundCloud.

SoundCloud audio tracks graphic depicts a waveform and allows users to comment on certain sections of track. Another feature that is there are few facilities like other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter (wall, comments, inbox, Like, Following, groups, and Followers)
So with these features are very complete in addition to to share a piece of music you can also comment or folow mutual friend or maybe your favorite artist.

Begin to be creative with music or your voice, and try to share at SoundCloud, because who knows your talents discovered by musicians who were doing auditions to find talented singers, and we never knew it. Take advantage of a free account on SoundCloud although audio recordings is limited only 2 hours but as a beginner or amateur is more than enough, there is also a feeling very less to limit the duration of 2 hours.

Make mini-album on Soundcloud by way of using the “set”. This feature is useful to classify the voices that we have entered with the title “set” as we want. For example, we as musicians have made the EP or mini-album consists of five songs, when we enter into SoundCloud fifth the song will stand on their own, in this time that we use the “Set” to merge the five songs into the set , so that the visitors do not bingng mini album to listen to us. For music lovers can use the “Set” to group their favorite songs. SoundCloud also provide features to make the Group, where we could interaction with friends or other people who have the same goals, like community.

With the audio social media, the results of our work to be a part of the top music no longer be an impossible thing. Because of the presence of these opportunities we are working more and creative. Depending on how we can take advantage of all of this. Much can be learned from the work of others or idol us to develop talent, but not to plagiarize the work of people.

Trends of Publishing Digital Magazine

Since computer born, it changed the whole world, including digital magazine publishing industry. Digital content have so many advantages while comparing to traditional magazine. It takes a big step forward in the past decade, so how is its future? Here we will talk about trends of digital magazine publishing.

1. E Magazine is a worldwide business. Readers all around the world can easily access to digital magazine or book on internet. Many sells are contributed by people of other countries. So keep your digital publication international. How to do it? Here are some litter tips: make easy-to-access online magazine by uploading to website, use multi displaying Language, different edition with local content for global defined audience, etc.

2. Publishing software will be technology-oriented. Editors must realize that content composition is not the only thing important. They need to working out how to make good-looking presentation for their magazines. Innovated digital magazine software is required. Technology-oriented program helps making e magazine more fashionable and outstanding, giving a very good first eye impression to readers. If the publication does not look attractive, how can readers flip pages to read content? For example, recently, there is new digital magazine software that can output a new kind of flip-book style magazine with page flip animation which makes like reading a real book. It is so popular now owning to its technology providing people real like reading experience. Some compiler drop down old, plain and boring PDF magazine, and turn to that new kind of flip magazine.

3. Deliver content on mobile. Owning to development of technology, portable device user s increased rapidly. People spend reading time mostly on iPhone, iPad, smart phone, android tablet, Windows pad, etc. Therefore, publishers should not ignore this and expand market share by delivering eMag on mobile devices, especially on tablet. Click here for tutorial how to create e magazine for mobile devices.

4. Readable on various platforms. iPad has gained so many fans. It is one of the hottest devices recently. However, industry analysts expect it to lose considerable market share from 2015 onwards. Some of market share will be took over by other emerging platforms. Therefore, e-Magazine publishers should not only focus developing content experiences for iOS anymore, but also for Android, Windows, and other operating systems.

5. Audience analytics helps to improve magazine publishing. After e magazines are created, we launched it to market. But how to evaluate them for improving it further? We require the digital magazine creator integrate the audience analytic features. Many magazine is hosting online web. So some magazine maker support Google Analytics which allows publisher to get audience analytics date and use it to make their publications better.