Ad Networks(cpm Cpc Banner Ads, Cpm Popups, Etc)

Advertsol offers many different ad formats that you can use. These include popunders, skyscrapers, leaderboards, etc. We are into Media management where it is a leading source for finding business opportunities, We offer display advertising solutions.

Our media kit consists of CPM/CPC Text/Banner Ads, CPV Popunders.

Targeting options are:
* Over 3,000 Active publisher websites
* Serving 1 billion ad impressions per month
* Keyword targeting
* Contextual and Behavioral targeting
* Cheap Run of network advertising

Prices start from $0.50 CPM, $0.05 CPC and $0.008 CPV.

Advertsol is a dynamic online CPM / CPC / CPV / CPI advertising network. is known worldwide for its empowering contextual platforms by offering all creative mediums, 150 + categories and excellent customer service!

Advertsol offers many ad formats and also a few ways of earning from them. They offer CPC/PPC Inline Text Ads, CPC/PPC Text Ads, CPM Graphical / Rich Media Banners (get paid on every 1000 banner impressions), Pop-unders where you get paid on each visit (CPV), Interstitial Ads that pays you per Interstitial ad shown, etc. As you can see, there is many ways you can make money from Advertsol, and best of all, Advertsol is giving you a huge revenue share, no matter if youre using CPC, CPM, CPI or CPV’s. offers CPV and PPC based advertising where the advertiser gets to choose which advertising option they want for their business. Advertisers can choose between Cost Per View where the advertiser can get more unique visitors for a low cost or they can choose Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is where the advertiser can get targeted unique visitors for a more affordable cost. Online advertising is steadily robbing the market share from traditional media advertising. Given the potential of growth and increasing Internet marketing in India, online advertising is set to explode in coming years.

Advertsol is a leading online ad network in India offering tools to Publishers to help them manage, optimize, and make the most of their online advertising. On the other hand, advertisers have access to millions of clients worldwide in order to increase their consumer commitment, brand recognition, leads, and sales. They offer different options such as CPM and performance based CPC and CPA marketing. Advertsol is a ad network aggregator that helps publisher to maximize the revenue that you can earn from your web site.

Advertsol is an India based online advertising network that uses proprietary targeting technology to ensure advertisers reach out to the right websites from its inventory of publishers. Advertsol is another online Ad network in India. Advertsol is an online ad network specifically tailored to help advertising agencies take advantage of the digital medium. Targeted at the advertising and publishing industry in India, Digital Advertising Network solution helps deliver ads on the Internet based on geography, context, content, gender and age group relevant to specific requirement and target audience. You can earn from CPC Text, CPM Text, CPM Banners, CPC Banners, Full Page Ads, etc.

We are even buying traffic so please send me all your company info and the CPM prices and the ad server you use.