Advertising In Christian Magazines Can Give Your Small Business The Boost It Needs

Small businesses that use Christian magazines and newspapers for advertising have discovered a secret not many other businesses know about. In effect, every time they place an ad in a Christian publication they receive a disproportionately higher number of responses then when placing ads in some other type of magazine.

Naturally, discovering this “little secret” invariably leads them to include Christian magazine advertising campaigns into the mix of all their future marketing efforts.

So why are Christian readers so responsive to the ads they see in their publications? Simply for this reason: 74% of Christian magazine and newspaper readers prefer to do business with advertisers that they have seen in their magazines and papers!

These statistics are not just the result of surveys regularly commissioned by the magazines to understand their readership, but are also supported by the impressive results the advertisers receive to their ads.

To fully interpret this phenomenon you need to understand the psychology behind it. Christian readers have a tendency to establish very strong bonds with their publications. Many view them not just as a fountain of information but also as a valuable guide in the journey of life. They love and trust their publications and extend that trust to the advertisements they see, using the ads as information sources for products or services that may interest them.

As a group, these readers are linked together by their passion and interest in their respective communities and churches, and these weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines help satisfy their appetite. In fact, they value their Christian publications so highly that they often come back an average of 2.3 times to re-read their issues. What this means to the average advertiser, is that every ad they place in these magazines gets additional exposure thanks to the longer shelf life.

If you are a small business who understands that advertising is the motor that keeps your business going, and who is always searching for cost-effective ways to promote your company and generate new business, then you’ll be pleased with the advertising opportunities offered by these Christian publications. To be sure, it meets the two most critical elements necessary to carry out a successful print advertising campaign, that is, reaching a focused targeted audience, and doing it cost-effectively.

Being able to focus you message to a specific group is key to any successful marketing strategy. If you trying to put out your message to a large audience with very differing background, interests, values, etc. your chance of running a productive marketing campaign is in danger of failing. The more varied the audience the greater your risk of failure. But with specialty niche publications, such as the Christian magazines, you overcome this roadblock. Moreover, each publication caters to a specific segment within the Christian population. Some publications are targeted to very conservative Christians, while others may be targeted to progressive Christians, or community organizers, pastors and church leaders with purchasing responsibilities, urban young professionals, Christian teens, etc., making your job of targeting a specific audience even easier.

As for whether these magazines and newspapers offer affordable advertising rates, the answer is a resounding yes! As opposed to mainstream publications, Christian magazines and papers tend to have smaller circulations. Some are have nationwide distribution, while others are more local and focused on specific regions of the country. The advertising rates they charge are often infinitesimally lower than mainstream publications. It’s not uncommon in some cases to find display ads for as low as $100.

While every form of advertising has its pros and cons, it is difficult to come up with negatives about specialty magazine advertising, particularly as it pertains to the very responsive Christian consumers. Between their low-cost advertising structure and the targeted and motivated readership they offer, Christian magazines and papers offer the small business a marketing opportunity rarely seen.

For those who have never considered it, the time might have come to explore it.

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