Advertising In Christian Magazines Can Give Your Small Business The Boost It Needs

Small businesses that use Christian magazines and newspapers for advertising have discovered a secret not many other businesses know about. In effect, every time they place an ad in a Christian publication they receive a disproportionately higher number of responses then when placing ads in some other type of magazine.

Naturally, discovering this “little secret” invariably leads them to include Christian magazine advertising campaigns into the mix of all their future marketing efforts.

So why are Christian readers so responsive to the ads they see in their publications? Simply for this reason: 74% of Christian magazine and newspaper readers prefer to do business with advertisers that they have seen in their magazines and papers!

These statistics are not just the result of surveys regularly commissioned by the magazines to understand their readership, but are also supported by the impressive results the advertisers receive to their ads.

To fully interpret this phenomenon you need to understand the psychology behind it. Christian readers have a tendency to establish very strong bonds with their publications. Many view them not just as a fountain of information but also as a valuable guide in the journey of life. They love and trust their publications and extend that trust to the advertisements they see, using the ads as information sources for products or services that may interest them.

As a group, these readers are linked together by their passion and interest in their respective communities and churches, and these weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines help satisfy their appetite. In fact, they value their Christian publications so highly that they often come back an average of 2.3 times to re-read their issues. What this means to the average advertiser, is that every ad they place in these magazines gets additional exposure thanks to the longer shelf life.

If you are a small business who understands that advertising is the motor that keeps your business going, and who is always searching for cost-effective ways to promote your company and generate new business, then you’ll be pleased with the advertising opportunities offered by these Christian publications. To be sure, it meets the two most critical elements necessary to carry out a successful print advertising campaign, that is, reaching a focused targeted audience, and doing it cost-effectively.

Being able to focus you message to a specific group is key to any successful marketing strategy. If you trying to put out your message to a large audience with very differing background, interests, values, etc. your chance of running a productive marketing campaign is in danger of failing. The more varied the audience the greater your risk of failure. But with specialty niche publications, such as the Christian magazines, you overcome this roadblock. Moreover, each publication caters to a specific segment within the Christian population. Some publications are targeted to very conservative Christians, while others may be targeted to progressive Christians, or community organizers, pastors and church leaders with purchasing responsibilities, urban young professionals, Christian teens, etc., making your job of targeting a specific audience even easier.

As for whether these magazines and newspapers offer affordable advertising rates, the answer is a resounding yes! As opposed to mainstream publications, Christian magazines and papers tend to have smaller circulations. Some are have nationwide distribution, while others are more local and focused on specific regions of the country. The advertising rates they charge are often infinitesimally lower than mainstream publications. It’s not uncommon in some cases to find display ads for as low as $100.

While every form of advertising has its pros and cons, it is difficult to come up with negatives about specialty magazine advertising, particularly as it pertains to the very responsive Christian consumers. Between their low-cost advertising structure and the targeted and motivated readership they offer, Christian magazines and papers offer the small business a marketing opportunity rarely seen.

For those who have never considered it, the time might have come to explore it.

Xigma Games Bags The Coveted Award And Inr 1 Million Cash Prize At The First Ever Reliance Games

Xigma Games bags the coveted award and INR 1 million cash prize

at the first ever Reliance Games Pocket Gamer Connects in


Global mobile gaming giants give breathtaking insight into key global trends, Indie

survival guides and an insiders look into next generation mobile games.

PG Connects features 4 dedicated tracks with top speakers sharing knowledge on East

meets West, Indie Academy, Acquire and Monetise, and the domestic-focused Make

In Indias as well as happening such asThe Very Big Indie PitchandI Love Indie


The best of Indie developers participate in the Game Hack competition, pitch for


Bangalore, April 2015 Xigma Games emerged the winner of the Very Big Indie Pitch for its

Super Nano Games at the Reliance Games Pocket Gamer Connects 2015 which took off to an

exciting start at Hotel Lalit Ashok here this morning.Also, Yellow Monkey secured the Runners

Up position at Pocket Gamer Connects.

Organised by Reliance Games, Indias leading publisher and developer of mobile games, the 2-

day conference featured speakers like Peter Vesterbacka – Rovio, Misha Lyalin Zepto Labm,

Armin Hummel – Lima Sky, Marina Mello – Bossa Studios, Mike Hines – Amazon, Sergio

Salvador Google and many more on the inaugural day. However, the highlight of the day was

Game Hack, the first of its kind pan-India game development and pitch competition for Indie

developers and students, who have the passion and talent to create their very own mobile

game. With over 100 enthusiastic participants across the country participated to showcase their

games or game prototypes and only 25 of them winning.

Pocket Gamer Connects offered an opportunity to learn from the most celebrated professionals

from the Industry worldwide including the likes of Rovio, Microsoft, Zeptolabs, Google, Zynga

and many more.

Day 1: Press Release

Announcing the launch of PG Connects Bangalore, Mr.Manish Agarwal, CEO, Reliance

Entertainment Digital said, We are glad to announce our collaboration with Steel Media to get

an international event like Pocket Gamer Connects to India. This initiative is a benchmark in

itself towards creating something with a uniquely regional flavor, connecting the global industry

with local audiences through constructive information and relationship-building. Whether you

are a CEO of a company, Indie developer or a student, PG Connects will have something to offer

for everyone. We have committed to deliver the best in class value add for everyone.

Xigma Games won the Very Big Indie Pitch at Pocket Gamers Connects Bangalore 2015. On

winning at this platform Mr. Himanshu Manwani, Founder, Xigma Games said, For any

aspiring Indie developer, the most difficult part is to get noticed by investors, publishers and the

media. This is where Reliance Games Pocket Gamers Connect Bangalore The Very Big Indie

Pitch stepped in. I am very glad to have got this opportunity and having won a sum of INR 1

million and the desired recognition. A platform where I could showcase my game Super Nano

Gamesto the Indian and international stalwarts of the mobile gaming industry and receive their

feedback and appreciation is a big achievement in itself and could not have asked for more. I am

ecstatic with this win and thank the organizers and everyone who believed in my game. Really

look forward to seeing this game go live and taking it global.

On the opening day in the East Meets West track, PGC featured an essential keynote from

superstar Peter Vesterbacka, Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment, the creator of wildly

successful angry birds franchise and over 50 other games, gave an insight into Rovios market

reach across the world. Followed was an insight into the journey of Zeptolabs transformation

from an Indie to a Global Publisher by Misha Lyalin, CEO and Founder who elaborated on the

success of CUT THE ROPE the puzzle game series.A Superstar panel on Decoding the App

Stores was hosted with speakers from Microsoft India, Google, Amazon and Reliance Games.

Indie Academy tracks through the day were hosted by renowned speakers from the industry.

Mike Bithell, Founder; Armin Hummel, VP Business Development, Lima Sky divulged

information on Doodle Jump – the anatomy of a casual sensation; Lastly this track featured a

superstar panel of experts who discussed How to reach successfully reach the western press.

Looking at the hot trends in the marketing and monetization landscape, the Acquire and

Monetise track was skewed for all business focused indie developers. Sergio Salvador, Global

Day 1: Press Release

Head Games Partnerships, Google on How to use IAPS in games; The Monetization sessions also

included key notes from successful Indian developers & publishers like Rohit Sharma, Founder

& CEO, Nikhil Soman, Co-Founder & CEO, Play blazer etc. It captured the latest trends in the

mobile advertising sector and running through the must know of mobile game monetisation,

this track was a great opportunity to level up ones mobile gaming business understanding.

Make In Indiatrack was led by Manish Agawal, CEO, Reliance Entertainment Digital. Make In

India offered a razor sharp focus on Indian mobile games development from funding, best

production practice, and the effort/reward dynamic to IP building, captivating game design, and

market potential, expect a tightly packed, highly condensed essential package for the domestic

mobile dev community.

Big Indie Pitch was the key highlight of Day 1 where one developer had a chance to win global

publicity, investments and publishing contracts, and a cash prize of Ten Lakhs, with an add on

opportunity to be incubated at the Reliance Games studio.

Overall it was a day fill of interesting sessions, short format lectures, panel discussion and abuzz

with the spirit of gaming and game development. Pocket Gamer Connects Bangalore 2015 day

one gave an opportunity for developers, students & budding entrepreneurs and a chance to

know more about the mobile gaming market in India and globally.

About Reliance Games:

Reliance Games, a leading publisher and developer of mobile games is a division of Reliance

Entertainment Group whose subsidiaries include entities like IM Global and Code masters.

Reliance Games block buster hits include Real Steel, Real Steel World Robot Boxing, Pacific Rim,

and a slew of exciting mobile games developed in association with Hollywood Studios such as

DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Columbia Pictures and Warner Bros.

With over 200mn downloads globally, Reliance Games currently operates across five countries

worldwide. A strong, multi-disciplinary, cross-skilled and talented team spanning three

continents across US, UK, Korea and India spearheads the creation of high quality mobile

games. Reliance Games titles can be enjoyed through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and

Windows as well as 80 leading networks across 40 countries.

Effective Website Advertising Opportunities

With much of today’s business done on the internet, companies clearly need to advertise online, but as always it’s the costs and fear of the unknown that puts many off. In a recent survey sent to 25,000 SME businesses, 31% said they advertised online but 52% of the advertisers said their advertising was not profitable and 54% saying very little of the traffic received converted to business.

So what can be done? How can website advertising reach a point where it is free or at least cost effective? ?

There are two clear areas of opportunity. Firstly, think of who you’re targeting. Across the advertising market, whether you’re using an agency or running campaigns direct, running ad campaigns across -networks’ (network of sites showing your banner ads) can deliver huge variations in profitability and this variation is due, in the main, to the level and sophistication of the targeting used.

The better targeted campaigns, i.e. the higher the relevance of traffic arriving and clicking on your ads, the higher the chance of users converting on your site to business, and more profitable campaigns. If your company sells garden tools, you’re better off advertising on gardening websites than gaming sites.

Some networks offer -contextual- (showing your ads only on pages where the editorial content relates to the ad, the theory that users on that page will click on the ad as it relates to their area of interest). Others offer -yield targeting’ (testing and maximising exposure on sites and pages where they get the best click through rate or conversion). While others offer -behavioural targeting’, where ads are only shown on the page if the user arriving on the page has followed a certain behaviour of online navigation that relates to the target of the ad. So the user’s behaviour on previous pages or sites are used to place the ads. For example, if the user coming on to the page has just visited a travel site then ads shown could be for sun tan lotion, flights or holiday insurance.

The second area of opportunity is becoming a -publisher’ of adverts. That is, running display ads on your own site and earning per click or impressions delivered. If you have a good slab of traffic on your site not monetised (convertible to cash), then you should set up a display ad campaign with an ad network or Google Adsense.

No matter if you’re an advertiser or looking for ads to put on your site, it’s possible with a little research to make website advertising effective.