A Publisher’s Rant – Why I Hate Your Article Headlines

I’m a publisher for numerous sites. I HATE many of your articles. Here’s why I hate your headline and what you can do about it.

The Headline

There is a school of thought out there that your headline should be designed to captivate readers. In the real world, this is probably true. When I am looking for articles, it is not.

I want keywords front and center in an article headline. This may come as a shock, but I am using your articles as part of a search engine optimization effort on sites. With seo, the keywords always come first. ALWAYS!

Consider the following examples:

1. California Real Estate – The Secret to Making a Bundle

2. The Secret to Making a Bundle in California Real Estate

The first headline is by far the best. The keywords are front and center. I can easily turn this headline into a meta title for site page. More importantly, this tells me that you may be a writer that understands what I want. I am going to click through to your article and read it. If the rest of the article is done in the correct format, I am going to publish this article on my site AND I am going to add you name to my worthy authors list. When I need new articles, I will go out of my way to see if you have published anything new.

The second headline is a disaster. The keywords are at the end of the headline, which is terrible for search engine optimization purposes. This is a waste of my time and tells me to avoid your articles. If I can’t find enough articles with the proper headline, I may come back and read yours. Then again, I may not.

Captivating Headlines

Now you may be thinking you need a captivating headline because you want to capture as many readers as possible. You DO NOT. I’ve already done the job for you. My sites already have traffic. I am delivering the readers to your article. They will read it if it is on the site. Of course, you’ll have to put the keywords first to get my attention.

Writing a headline is a fairly simple process. So do it!

Halstatt Pires is with the Internet marketing firm MarketingTitan.com – a San Diego Internet marketing and advertising company providing search engine optimization services. Read more Internet marketing articles.

Making Money Online – My Adhitz Review

For those that never heard about it, adhitz is a pay-per-click (PPC) program like google adsense. Ive been using this program for one of my sites since 3 months ago and Ill share some of my experience here.

Adhitz is a quite new company founded in november 2009 and they are starting to become a popular PPC program.

Adhitz works in a similar way of google adsense, you open a publisher account and after inserting the code on your website, ads will be displayed and youll start making money when your receive legit clicks from these ads.

Apart from this form advertising, adhitz also offer the option for publishers to sell their product, for example, you can sell ads space, text or images for $10.00 per day or week.

Here are some usefull information and some opinions about this PPC system:

– They pay via paypal or alertpay, youll receive your payment when you reach $25.00 on your main balance.

– Publishers receive 70% of revenue share, a very good percentage compared to google adsense (68% ad revenue).

– Adhitz offers a flat rate CPC, instead of a bidding system where advertisers pay what they want to have their adverts shown, advertisers will pay a flat rate for each click received.

– The click value is determined by the country where the click is originated, it will start at $0.03 for third world countries and up to $0.12 for countries like USA and $0.10 for Canada or United Kingdon.

– For advertisers this system is very good if you dont want to pay huge values to show your ads, however youll not have fast results, because it doesnt work using a bid system like other PPC programs.

– Other important point is their support, I had some problems that were always solved very fast and efficiently.

– Most of their ads are related of making money online and internet marketing niche, youll hardly see other niches like health for example.

– They are paying for almost 18 months with no problems, a good sign.

AdHitz is a google adsense alternative in terms of earnings for publishers?

If you are expecting to earn 1 dollar per click as a publisher, youll be disappointed. However if for some reason you cant use adsense its still a good alternative, especially if you have traffic from countries like United States and Canada, you still can generate a good amount of money.

What is ePageView and Its Purpose

ePageView is a digital publishing solution capable of creating online digital flipping publications designed to supersede – conventional print editions. Its advanced page-turning technology not only replicates the offline reading experience but also provides many additional features to enhance this experience – such as interactive rich content, the inclusion of all kinds of links, introduction page, table of contents, videos, audios, flash animations, images, pictures, YouTube videos, background music, background image, Photo Rotators, RSS News Tickers, Wish list, shopping cart and Ecommerce, the opportunity to print pages or email them to friends, and much more besides. It’s suitable not only for all kinds of news media national, regional and local newspapers, consumer magazines, business-to-business, trade and specialist titles and so on – but also catalogs, programs, brochures, flyers… In short, it represents a vital new communication channel for any business seeking wider engagement with the demanding, affluent and increasingly media-savvy twenty-first century audience. All a reader needs is an internet access and a browser. ePageView also requires a minimum of Flash 10, however most browsers today have this installed. If a reader does not have Flash 10 installed then ePageView will prompt the user to install it and will provide links for this. You can create your entire publication (or we can create it for you), regardless of size, so you can see the quality and benefits of creating an ePageView digital edition. There is no limit on the number of pages your digital edition can have. ePageView empowers you to create digital editions for both the Mac and PC. The Mac and PC versions are identical. Your digital edition can be viewed an unlimited number of times after it has been uploaded and hosted. ePageView solution has incorporated sophisticated Flex and vector graphic technology into each digital edition that creates. This provides virtually infinite zoom with crystal clear text. ePageView enables you to control over how fast your digital edition pages flip. ePageView can incorporate a button on the digital edition toolbar where your viewers can select to view the digital edition in either single or double page mode (book mode). ePageView enables you to add not only your desired custom logo to the left hand side of the toolbar. But also you will be able to make it -hot’ and point it to an external link of your choice. ePageView also includes an automated index file update option that will make each digital edition you create searchable, but will also allow you to modify the index file and add meta data such as keywords. Just ask one of our software specialists to learn how. The followings are the minimum system requirements. Windows Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, or Intel Core TM Duo (or compatible) processor Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2; Windows Vista Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise; or Windows 7 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended) 182MB of available hard disk space for installation 1024×768 display (1280×800 recommended) or above Internet connection required for activation and online services An Internet browser with Adobe Flash Plug in 9.0 or above installed.

Mac OS Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, or Intel Core TM Duo (or compatible) processor Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger) or above 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended) 160MB of available hard disk space for installation 1024×768 display (1280×800 recommended) or above Internet connection required for activation and online services An Internet browser with Adobe Flash Plug in 9.0 or above installed.

As the publisher, it is entirely up to you to choose how the readers access your digital edition. You may put a direct link on your website, or to feature a link in the -members only’ part of your website. These links will automatically go to the latest edition, so there’s no need to update them. You can also send the link out via email. We can convert your print publications to web pages, CD, USB flash drive without any software or downloads. An internet connection is not needed to view ePageView editions on a CD or any other peripheral devices. ePageView hosts your publications to ensure maximum security with our global server network. We do not allow the risk external factors to degrade our service. We also leverage global network of backbone servers to ensure that your content is not exposed to a single point of failure, meaning 100% up-time, support and security for your digital editions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The statistics-reporting package will not operate outside our system. Gathering data for the statistics package requires feedback to our servers from wherever the digital edition is read in the world. We cannot guarantee security, page delivery speeds and up-time if our digital editions are not hosted by ourselves. There’s also a risk of crashing smaller servers if your publication receives a large volume of traffic. In addition, the software is upgraded from time to time. This is a seamless operation on our servers but potentially problematic if hosting is outside of ePageView’s control. To publish your digital editions you can upload your PDF file, videos, audios, YouTube videos , flash animations, images and preview your publications using our ePageView technology. We can provide training either by phone or arrange a meeting with you to show you how to use ePageView. We also have a step by step guide. Then contact us to setup an account with us in order to be able to publish your publication and make it active. Once your pages have been processed a link of the publication is sent to you by email. If your PDF contains actual text (not outlined or rasterized text) then ePageView will make the text searchable from the toolbar. ePageView empowers you to search a term in the current edition or in both current edition and all archived editions. Our team is ready to work with you to create your own special online browsing experience. We are here to help you build immersive, engaging customized digital flipping publication and branded native Mobile Apps at an affordable price. ePageView can also provide you a standalone native App for iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Android, and Kindle Fire. You and your viewers may view your digital editions also on iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Android, Kindle Fire , and also on FACEBOOK. For more information contact us at http://www.epageview.com

How Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising works

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pay per click advertising could dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website. Publisher gets paid from the advertisers when the ads are clicked, they mostly depend upon the keyword and they must be completely relevant to the services and the target market.

The main providers of PPC are Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. The advertiser goal should be highest ROI which means highest return on investment on PPC ads.

PPC advertisement is done depending upon the bid done by the advertiser for individual keyword phrases or even a single keyword. Once you decided to over the budget and the right keyword for usage, you can start off with the PPC management campaigns and when done with the right manner can reap the results very quickly.

For advertisers many search engines provide keyword research tools to find the most suitable keyword(s) to get a good return on investment with business products or services expansion by enhancing the sales process via online marketing.

PPC advertising by Google offers different ad formats to place your advertisement as Text Ads, Image Ads, Animated Ads, Video Ads, Local Business Ads, Mobile Ads and lots more. There are different norms of Google Adwords to be advertised for top ranking with most competitive keyword phrase.

PPC advertising is a quick method to get listed on the top pages of major search engines as the advertisement(s) get activated immediately within a short period of time. Advertiser should have good knowledge to bid on any keyword phrase, the more and accurate amount you bid on any keyword; the advertisement will be stronger and placed on the top pages of major search engines.

Benefits of PPC Advertising:

Out of all internet marketing and advertising methods, PPC campaign is the best method to be listed in the top pages of major search engines quickly.

1)Pay Per Click Advertising can give you immediate results. 2)Pay Per Click Advertising will allow you to control the amount that you want to spend. 3)Pay Per Click Advertising will enable you to target even the distant places. 4)Pay Per Click Advertising can be a good boost every season or special occasion. 5)Unlimited keyword phrases can be added in PPC advertising with instant results. 6)Rankings and listings are given if you have a competitive bid. In the sense, results are guaranteed. 7)Pay Per Click Advertising can give you highly qualified web site traffic. 8)Anytime you can pause, delete or add your advertisement. 9)Changing of advertisement content anytime with instant reflect.

The flexibility that the PPC management campaigns provide is another important feature that is worth a mention. When you find your strategy not working to your expectation, you can change the strategy including the keywords and other features in the advertisement.

There are millions of advertisers who bid for similar keywords; advertisement(s) is a very diplomatic program that needs thorough knowledge of Search Engine Marketing Arena. Specialist agencies manage campaigns for advertisers in a coordinated marketing mix.

Prolore is a PPC agency in India providing search marketing strategies for Pay Per Click Advertising and other services to small and medium businesses. Visit http://www.prolore.com for more information.

The Benefits Of Investment In Greece Property

The market of property in Greece is growing at a rapid pace as majority of investors including the European investors are showing keen interest in owning a piece of this historic land. Greece is regarded as a growing tourist sector and a realistic investment objective due to the guaranteed returns provided by it. Greece is popular as a home to large stone mansions and huge villas that are available for both purchasing as well as rental purposes. Along with this, it also provides many types of tourist accommodations like hotels, resorts, holiday villages and many more. Apart from the picturesque beauty and calm surroundings of the place, tourists are attracted to this country due to its ancient monuments and ruins belonging to its fascinating history. This makes the tourist industry of this country, a great commercial opportunity for the investors.

The tourism market of Greece is deliberately encouraged by the government of the country and it presently amounts to 15% of the GDP. There are also no chances of interference in this market by the government of Greece, which provides long-term stability to the investors. Greece property is also considered as the perfect choice of real estate for second homer property investors. A major portion of the profits incurred by the Greek real estate comes from the retired people that invest in this property and move here every year in large numbers from different parts of the world. Retired people get to enjoy a calm and cheap lifestyle in Greece amongst its clean and peaceful surroundings. Greece is also an emerging market for the investors who prefer to invest in bleeding edge property investment to maximize their profit potential.

The residential properties in Greece, present along the coast and the islands are also a major attraction for the property seekers. In addition, the prices offered by the Greek real estate are also quite less than those prevailing in Spain, France and many other European countries. Today, when many countries worldwide have reached temporary ceilings with rise in property prices, the prices of Greek real estate are still intact in the affordable category and provide profit and income for its investors. The main requirement before investing in Greece property is to identify the objectives of investment. This allows making the best use of investments opportunities and profits available in its property. Understanding the ongoing economic strife and internal developments made by the government in the country also helps in making the right investment decision.

An Introduction To The World Of Ppc Advertising

PPC or pay per click is another form of advertising that can be done on search engines, ad networks, and websites or blogs. Pay per click is when an advertiser solely pays for clicks to his or her website. Once the advertiser finds the site she wants to advertise on, they then bid on search terms or keywords that they suppose people will search for on search engines. Example, if you have a web site concerning food, or supply food product like cook books, wine, food items, kitchen gadgets etc, then you’d bid on keywords relevant to those words, or create those words your precise keywords. A sensible example of this might be Google AdSense. Publishers will earn money by putting ads on their sites, and you the advertiser have a chance of your ad being place on the ads. Only when a user clicks these ads will the advertiser should pay, that is why its known as pay per click. Minimum prices per click depends on the site you opt to advertise with. Typically rock bottom bid allowed is $0.01. The location where the advertiser would get the bids would be on AdWords.

There are other pay per programs that may be higher suited to you. These pay per programs embody Pay Per Decision, Pay Per Delivery, Pay Per Action, Pay Per Lead, and even Pay Per Listen. You’ll use any or all of those advertising programs to urge a lot of visitors to your site, guests that are looking specifically for no matter it is your promoting or selling. Your best bet is to try to to a quest on “PPC Advertising” and before you pick a site do some analysis, notice some reviews. Ask concerning them in the forums you goto. See what sorts of sites get the most effective bids, the best results, etc. There are hundreds of websites out there that can be happy for you to register as an advertiser or a publisher. Some are legit, some are not. Choose carefully. Another little tip I can offer you from personal experience, is that if and when you discover a PPC website or ANY pay per website, and its your initial time using the positioning, use a little amount of money before you get into very LARGE campaigns. This method you’ll be able to safely check the positioning out with out very losing too much cash in the process.

Here are samples of some legit sites where you’ll buy bids as an advertiser, a number of these are higher suited for PPC others are better fitted to Pay Per Lead or Pay Per Action. Google AdWords, Bidvertiser, Adbrite, Yahoo! Search, Microsoft Adcenter, LookSmart, Amazon. Other smart sites to strive to advertise on are Social Networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, Moli, etc. Usually Social Networking sites are an enormous cost though but you’ll be positive it can be value it. MySpace alone has over 200 million members, thats a heap of eyes just waiting to view your ads! Smart luck together with your bidding, I hope you all found that this article gave you some smart ideas on what PPC is and the way to go about it when searching for sites to place your ads on.

Types of online advertising models on the internet

Online advertising or internet marketing trend began in the year 1994 where companies opted to publish and market their products and services on the World Wide Web. This way of marketing proved to very beneficial in the initial years of implementation and returned increasing sales and revenues to the businesses. The online marketing trend regained its momentum again in the year 2004 with the introduction of -Web 2.0′, a business model on the cyberspace. With the changing time marketing also slowly crept onto the internet platform. There were an increasing number of businesses that emerged providing the buying and selling of publishing space on the web pages. This form of online marketing comes very useful for publishing of information and content that is not limited to any geography or time. Also a great number of customers can be targeted within a small marketing budget. There are several types of online advertising models that can help the business to grow by marketing effectively on the cyberspace. Some of the types are as follows: Local Listings: Local Listings are free of cost and are very much essential for all the local businesses. If you have a physical location for your business, you must take full advantage by claiming the business on Google Places, along with placing information to Yahoo Local, YellowPages.com, and Bing Local etc. By doing so, you will convince the search engines that your business exists and also to the users. Advertising Pay Per Click: Advertising Pay Per Click or Advertising PPC is a type of marketing strategy that directs traffic to the websites, in which advertisers have to pay the publisher whenever the ad is clicked by the internet user. This model allows selecting and choosing when to display ads for the product or service based on potential customers searched keywords. This form of marketing is very much useful for marketing of the products and services in a short span of time. Contextual Advertising: Contextual advertising is a form of online marketing used for the advertisements that appear on websites and other media channels, such as mobile browsers. Here the advertisements are selected and displayed by automated systems based on the type of content searched by the user. Contextual ads give the ability to target a specific range of demographic that can fit under your customer profile. Display Advertising: Display Advertising is a type of online marketing that generally contains text, logos, static images, photographs, flash, video, location maps, and other similar multimedia items and appear on the web pages in the form of web banners. Mobile advertising: Mobile is becoming a bigger medium for targeted ads as phones and tablets with IOS and Android mobile operating systems are becoming huge popular. Mobile marketing can include SMS messaging and mobile targeted ads and this medium can reach millions of users with a simple click of a button. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make sales from online business. This form of marketing is a way of outsourcing the sales staff to users who are selling your product for a small commission per sale. Social Networking: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace offer web related ad options that allow a variety of ways to market and reach a niche audience and focus their attention to your products and services. Social media ads are proving to be highly convertible in today’s world. Certainly, a clear advantage that consumers get with online advertising medium over the traditional way is the control they get over the product, for choosing whether to check it out or not. Hence, this can be the best way to advertise on the World Wide Web.

Business Magazine Bet Shemesh-providing Assistance To Small Companies Expand Their Businesses

You will find the trusted service providers for the business owners and professionals to reach the English speaking market with an elegant and authenticated market. The advertisers can always very well promote their business in prestigious magazines. The business magazine meant for the Israeli Anglo population include relevant topics such as real estate, home decor, medicine, psychology, insurance, mortgage, personal finance, business finance, recipes, music , art and so on. You will note that the magazine features various interviews with the entrepreneurs who manage extensive business network.

The magazine also includes different articles written to assist advice and provide inputs to the small business owners and the entrepreneurs to successfully launch and expand their businesses. It is a high quality publication which the readers significantly regard as the source of leisure and valued information. It has been noted that the subscribers collect all the issues for using the magazine as future reference with relation to many topics. The aim of the publisher is to increase then circulation considerably so that it reaches to the Anglo communities. This magazine has drawn the attention of the English speaking community in Israel who can read English fluently also.

The involvement of Royal Bank of Scotland in sponsorship has enabled them to build the brand and take care of specific business objectives. The various topics range from sports events to present and past sports personalities. The publishers have produced several issues in the form of interactive digital magazine. The publisher has a global sports portfolio which is used to reinforce the existing brand and develop the ideal association with successful sports event and personalities. Previously staff magazines were published where the social changes and other interests were reflected .You will find such magazine in Israel where you find authentic and solid articles with relation to the legal rights of the country men and it protests the common ground mission against Israelis.

It can be significantly noted that Business magazine Bet Shemesh is most widely read and appreciated magazine which cover various topics including business among the English speaking community in Israel. The RBS magazine put emphasis both on sports and employee relations. You will find definite political bend when you go through the articles in Israel Magazine. You can get specific and latest information of the business and political trend in Jerusalem business news,like you will come to know that Israeli economy grew in recent times due to the export boom. You will find information about tourist hot spot also.

What Will You Put In The Promotional Conference Bags

If you’ve agreed to play sponsor for a professional or non-profit sponsor, chances are that you got a little note telling you that as part of your sponsorship package, you get to contribute an item to the promotional conference bags. Promotional conference bags are like party goodie bags at least as far as the conference attendees are concerned. For you, the opportunity to contribute something for the promotional conference bags is a chance to promote your business or brand to a market that has a guaranteed interest in your products or services. Choosing the right promotional items can bring you increased exposure, build your brand image and pump your sales.

The question is, of course, which ones are the right promotional items? In most cases, you’ll be constrained to some extent by the level of your sponsorship for the conference. You may be restricted to promotional items that will fit into an envelope, for instance, or only be allowed to contribute a brochure or folder of materials. Higher level contributors pay for the right to include promotional gifts of varying sizes, and even for space on the promotional conference bags themselves. Whatever your level of contribution, the trick is to make the most of the space you have with promotional items that make an impression on the conference attendees. Here are some suggestions for promotional items that are small enough to fit into promotional conference bags.

Never underestimate the power of the printed word or better, of a brightly colored flyer, leaflet or brochure. It may be tempting to save money by having your office admin design a tri-fold brochure in Publisher, but you’d be throwing away the opportunity to really wow your potential customers with a professionally designed and printed brochure. Don’t trust your company’s image to printers when you can be working with designers who have decades of experience creating promotional flyers and leaflets. Most suppliers of promotional products employ their own professional art departments who will work with you to create flyers, leaflets and other paper products that really represent your brand at its best.

If your sponsorship level allows you to place your own folder of promotional materials in the promotional conference bags, take full advantage of the opportunity. This is not the time to hit the local office supplies store to snag the best deal on folders that you can find. Presentation is everything, and presentation starts with the wrapper. Promotional supplies companies can help design your entire presentation package, from jacket to business card. Promotional presentation folders put your company in the best professional light possible, starting from the outside in.

Flat Promotional Items
Often, the items in the promotional conference bags are defined by size. If you have the option of including a promotional item that is the size of a standard writing pad, you have a number of excellent options that are a departure from the norm. Promotional mouse mats are the same size as most writing pads, but have a far higher perceived value and will give your brand and logo far more exposure. You’ll also find a wide variety of credit card sized promotional items that have very high perceived value, including credit card sized promotional calculators, Swiss cards and credit card sized travel alarm clocks. They’ll make a great impression on your customers for very little real estate in the promotional conference bags.

Are Document Conservation Services Washington Dc Useful For A Company

If you are running a marketing business, then document conservation services can be a lot useful for you. Communication and conversation is such a process that cannot be neglected no matter what type of business you are running. Document conversion involves using software for the conversion of documents. Apart from the main software, some applications are also used for the conversion of documents in to soft form.
Document conversion services is a boarder term as it includes managing documents, electronic publishing skills, legacy translation and much more. A few of the applications that are used in this process include MS words, power point, publisher etc. If you are communicating with some other company digitally, then you will have to face problem of different applications. There are chances that the application software which you are using is not used by the other company.

Document conservation services Washington DC can assist you, if you are dealing with such a client who is using some other software. These services have become popular almost all over the world because these are a few of the common issues that almost every business associate has to face.
Those people who have to go through the trouble converting documents frequently need to go for Document conservation services Washington DC. It would be much better that you opt for professional services rather than converting the documents again and again by yourself. Only a professional can handle documents that are large in number as they need to be converted in a number of different formats on frequent basis.

Professionals can convert your documents in the desired format in less time. You would have observed this thing that many of the business organization are going for handling digital scans of their documents rather than managing paper. A few of the benefits of the Document conservation services Washington DC have been below:

Use of paper is minimized and the store rooms are emptied for carrying out other activities
Less chances of misplacing important data
Easy management of data
Less time is used for the retrieval of data
Data can be accessed from remote locations too
More room is created in offices as number of cupboards and lockers is reduced

When you will surf the internet, then you will get to know that a number of conversion service providers are working out there to assist people. With the help of the Document conservation services Washington DC; an organization can access, retrieve, organize, and manage data whenever required. Money is not the only thing that can be saved by the use of document conservation services Washington DC. These services can also help an organization to save much of its precious time.

If you have got a number of documents piled up at your end that need to be converted, then these services are the best solution for you. These services will make your work much easier as professionals will be there to help you in the conversion of data.