Business Mailing Lists Finding Potential Customers

Irrespective of the nature of business we talk about, its ultimate goal is selling its products and services. When it comes to sales, marketing strategy of a business plays an extremely vital function. Your business may come out with the finest offers in a particular category; however, if it is not marketed efficiently, you cannot even think about selling it. Marketing for everything can be done using different methods such as mass advertising, promotional drives, exhibitions, and other traditional methods. Though the conventional methods of marketing may be giving you results, considering the price drawn in by these expensive means of marketing, the returns are usually unsatisfying. This is where direct marketing may prove to be an exceptionally gainful option.

The key motive for choosing direct marketing is its cost efficiency. Unlike costly methods of marketing, direct marketing uses low-priced means of communication to endorse a product or service. Means such as e-mail, SMS, Voice over Internet Protocol (Internet Phone), mailers, newsletters, etc, are used to get in touch with the prospects. Opting for direct marketing is certain to slash a large amount from your businesss marketing expenses.

In direct marketing only those individuals are targeted who are expected to be interested in your business offer. Potential customers are listed in specially generated lists called business mailing lists. The potential customers are discovered using various research tools and resources such as social networking, phone directories, business directories, etc. You can buy a mailing list from several list generation agencies which specialize in catering to businesses from all industry verticals. List generation companies have a team of competent lead generation experts to find the best prospective clients for every business.

Though you may easily locate a number of lead generation companies online; however, when you buy mailing list, you need to ensure that the list you buy is either recently generated or updated, as outdated mailing lists may not be very useful for your businesss marketing campaign. Also, always remember to read what the companys previous clients have to say before signing a deal.

VertaMedia is online marketing agency

Founded in 2006, VertaMedia is the international full-complex online marketing agency, which creates cutting-edge opportunities for advertising stakeholders. As an international company, VertaMedia collaborates with advertisers and publishers from all over the world.
VertaMedia provides its publishers with a wide range of verticals and traffic models, such as PPC (Pay per click), CPA (Cost per action) and CPM (Cost per mille).
VertaMedia does maximum and even more for its publishers:

Respected reputation.
Trust is a great beginning. VertaMedias reputation needs no explanation!
The widest range of tools for traffic generation.
VertaMedia offers a lot of different tools to work with your traffic, they are described below for your attention.
Daily payments via all main payment systems.
VertaMedia supports all the payment systems, including Visa, MasterCard, check systems, PayPal etc.
Individual 24/7 support system.
All the clients as novice so as well-experienced webmaster will be able to get necessary help any time.
Excellent bids.
It clearly means the highest profit among any businesses.
Wide choice of advertisers.
This benefit guarantees continuous growth of demand on publishers traffic.
Individual approach to every client.
Every publisher has its own vision and requirements. VertaMedia does all its best to satisfy all the clients, saving their identity.

There are a plenty of various tools, which VertaMedia offers its publishers for their businesses. To increase the efficiency and to get the best results VertaMedia offers the following solutions:

JavaScript Feed is the easiest way to integrate search results into any internet resource. Advertisements are displayed as contextual advertising. It makes such kinds of feeds convenient and efficient.
XML Feed you can integrate results of the feed into an existing web page for better performance. Also you can use our Feed Filter for customizing the results according to your preferences.
Flash Banners enhance the visual appeal and impact of online advertisements. Flash banners help webmasters to get the attention of the viewers and also enable to communicate their message effectively. The viewers love the interactive experience of flash banner and are likely to see it till the end instead of leaving it midway and venture out onto other websites. Also Flash banners show much better CTR.
Image Feed is an improved version of XML feed. Text of advertisement is embedded into thematic image. It supports images, which increases work effectiveness.
Search Box is one of the most effective tools for webmasters to get highly qualitative traffic and one of the most useful tools for users on your website. With a Search box, users can quickly locate specific objects or text within a large set of data by filtering or highlighting matches.

Referral program for Webmasters

For its partners VertaMedia is always ready to set the most effective collaboration offer.
The main idea of referral program for publishers is to get the benefit from the attraction of new publishers to VertaMedia. If you invite new publisher, you can get your referral fee, depending on your referral rate in the system. This alluring proposal is quite mutually beneficial and makes publishers work even more interesting.

VertaMedia is happy to inform all the publishers, that registration is already available on the website ( If you register before Beta-version release, you will be informed about all the corporate updates and will be in the list of first Beta-testers.
Take care of your business, be successful with VertaMedia!

Trends of Publishing Digital Magazine

Since computer born, it changed the whole world, including digital magazine publishing industry. Digital content have so many advantages while comparing to traditional magazine. It takes a big step forward in the past decade, so how is its future? Here we will talk about trends of digital magazine publishing.

1. E Magazine is a worldwide business. Readers all around the world can easily access to digital magazine or book on internet. Many sells are contributed by people of other countries. So keep your digital publication international. How to do it? Here are some litter tips: make easy-to-access online magazine by uploading to website, use multi displaying Language, different edition with local content for global defined audience, etc.

2. Publishing software will be technology-oriented. Editors must realize that content composition is not the only thing important. They need to working out how to make good-looking presentation for their magazines. Innovated digital magazine software is required. Technology-oriented program helps making e magazine more fashionable and outstanding, giving a very good first eye impression to readers. If the publication does not look attractive, how can readers flip pages to read content? For example, recently, there is new digital magazine software that can output a new kind of flip-book style magazine with page flip animation which makes like reading a real book. It is so popular now owning to its technology providing people real like reading experience. Some compiler drop down old, plain and boring PDF magazine, and turn to that new kind of flip magazine.

3. Deliver content on mobile. Owning to development of technology, portable device user s increased rapidly. People spend reading time mostly on iPhone, iPad, smart phone, android tablet, Windows pad, etc. Therefore, publishers should not ignore this and expand market share by delivering eMag on mobile devices, especially on tablet. Click here for tutorial how to create e magazine for mobile devices.

4. Readable on various platforms. iPad has gained so many fans. It is one of the hottest devices recently. However, industry analysts expect it to lose considerable market share from 2015 onwards. Some of market share will be took over by other emerging platforms. Therefore, e-Magazine publishers should not only focus developing content experiences for iOS anymore, but also for Android, Windows, and other operating systems.

5. Audience analytics helps to improve magazine publishing. After e magazines are created, we launched it to market. But how to evaluate them for improving it further? We require the digital magazine creator integrate the audience analytic features. Many magazine is hosting online web. So some magazine maker support Google Analytics which allows publisher to get audience analytics date and use it to make their publications better.

The Advantages Of Various Tradeshow Bags

When its time for promotional items, one generally thinks of shirts or mugs. However, there is another great item which can be used for promotion and it is a tradeshow bag. Nothing can be more environmental friendly than this and they can be obtained at quite an economical price too. Tradeshow bags are awesome for many reasons.

Because it is reusable and eco-friendly, it can be used by multiple people manifold times. It can never cease to exist.
Secondly, it can give one lot of exposure at the trade show. When one gives away such bags to clienteles, they are sure to put other things in the bag too. That way, everybody at the show will grab a view of ones company logo on the bag, and some for the same.

Finally, tradeshow bags can be used for all sorts of casual occasions. They can be carried to the grocery store, the neighbours place, the beach and myriad of other sites. Thus, the individuals who will get to see ones logo become unlimited.
Custom printed pens are also a very nice promotional item. They are used for corporate giveaways too as they boost a companys image a lot. Their status stems from the fact that they are very practical and functional. They come into use for all sorts of important deals. Hence, without a doubt, customized pens are a great advertising tool for any industry.

Another advantage of going for custom imprinted pens is that they can be circulated among everyone, whether employees, business associates or customers. They powerfully strengthen ones brand image without consuming a huge budget too. Unlike capitalizing on tarpaulins or billboards, these pens only need a minimum amount of investment.

Custom made pens arent bulky but can be easily carried around everywhere. By capitalizing on it one can be sure of getting attention as well as accelerating the companys chance of becoming famous. One can get them in different colours and types like gel pens, ball pens, ink pens, among others. One can modify them according to ones taste and preference. Their broad printing spaces allow a company to silkscreen its logo or name on it.

One can get the design of these custom imprinted pens from online. The choices that one can get from there are just so extensive that one will be amazed. After selecting a design, one can order some company to make it. This can be done online as well. However, before choosing any company to do it, one should check out its testimonials and customer reviews.

Pay Per Click Advertising And Marketing

When I think of Pay Per Click, I think of a marketing strategy that has two different sides – one where you pay for published ads and one where you get paid for publishing ads. Somebody is always paying for the click, whether it is you clicking on someone’s ad or another person clicking on your ad. Pay Per Click depends on how you look at who is paying.

If you use Google to search the internet then you may find that your search results include “Sponsored Links” (on the right hand side of the search results page). If you click on any of the Sponsored links, the advertiser that placed the ad you clicked must pay Google for that click. If the advertiser is you, you are the one that pays. The price that you would pay depends on how much you have bid on the keywords used to generate the ad. This marketing tactic is called Google Adwords.

In addition to the ads being displayed with the search results, Google allows owners of websites and Blogs to display the same ads as contextual ads. Contextual refers to content that relates to the subject of your web page. This system is called Google Adsense. Each time a visitor clicks on an ad Google pays the owner of the website for that click. If you have traffic going to your web site and you display the Google Adsense Ads on a page and someone clicks an ad, you make money.

Note that Google Adwords and Google Adsense compliment each other and are in fact, the inverse of each other.

Google Adwords Pay Per Click is a good way to get quick targeted traffic to your website. Because you are paying for an ad promoting your site or affiliate link, those that click your ad will be directed to your site. The efficiency of your ad (click through rate or CTR) will depend on the ad copy and the keywords. The keywords that you have in the ads that are searched for dictate when your ad is displayed. Read the article at URL to get informed on how to make the most of a Google Adwords campaign as a tool to make money.

Google Adsense is a good way to make an “automatic” recurring income. Automatic assuming your ads are getting the clicks and generating the income you expect. Some tweaking of the ad placement, colors, etc. may be neccessary for optimization. When a Google Adsense ad on your site is clicked, both you and Google make a split percentage of the total of the bid price for the keyword that the ad was displayed and clicked for. Read the article at URL to get informed on how to make the most of having Adsense ads on your site for generating an automatic income.

Another type of ad that is gaining in popularity is the Chitika eMiniMall. Chitika eMiniMalls are advertisements that display a picture and a description of the product, the best deals where the product can be purchased and a search feature. If you want to display Google Adsense ads and Chitika ads on the same web page, Google requires specific modifications to the Chitika ads. Read the article at URL to get all the tips you need to properly place your Chitika eMiniMall ad on your site for another great way towards an automatic income.

Both Yahoo and Microsoft are in beta right now with their own equivalent to Google Adsense. The Yahoo ad network is called Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) and Microsoft’s network is called Adcenter. I have not tried these networks out yet, but I may find myself doing that if I find that ad clicks yield a higher amount or percentage to the web site publisher.

There are several other pay per click networks available to try as well. Some of these would be RevenuePilot, Bidclix, CBclicks, Adsclick and Bidvertiser. I am sure there are even more than this. If you are interested, search them out and see if they fit for your own website’s use.

Tips On Setting Your Business Up With Ppc Advertising

There are a vast number of models on how you might best set up a business. One of the most ingenious however has to be the pay per click advertising model. Abbreviated as PPC, this is primarily an advertising model that that is internet based and is also known as cost per click. It works in the following manner. For every click that a potential client makes on a particular website, the publisher -usually the website owner- gets paid. Now that is a smart piece of advertising- clients and potential clients actually pay you to sample your products- its not all rosy though, you have to invest some input time and effort.

If you want to go the PPC route to set up your business, then here are the essential steps needed. Foremost ensure that you have the right key words. The right key words is the fulcrum of any successful venture at increasing the flow of web traffic to a particular website. Secondly, ensure that the offer that you put out on the market is enticing. It needs to be something that wets the appetite of potential clients in the market place. Thirdly it’s important to address the timing of your advert, if for instance you are a tours and travel entity you want your advert to run when its peak season during the holidays; think along that vein and you will get the larger picture.

The above paragraph has dealt with issues at the marketing level. There is however, one or two technical issues that you essentially need to look into when dealing with matters PPC. One of the key items is that your landing page has to be appropriate. When the potential client clicks onto the link of your web page, what sort of justice does that web page do in catching the attention of a prospective client? This calls for falling back upon the services of a professional website developer.

The website is your face, and you need to make a fine first impression. Secondly, the place where your advert runs is important. To cast your net wider for potential clients you would do well to ensure that the advert runs on blogs, and other websites that have respectable web traffic. But it must be the appropriate traffic because if you are reaching out to people that have no use for your products or services, even if thousands see the information, none of them will click to get more information. No clicks, no revenue.

These are a few of the strategies you need to consider to ensure success as you navigate the PPC road to set up your business. Remember that PPC advertising does not ensure instant success, be open minded. Secondly remember that at the end of the day, it is a model of marketing, the fundamentals remain the same -the job is not in attracting clients but in establishing a relationship with them. Lastly remember that PPC is arguably one of the only marketing models that can accurately measure the value added of a given input, use this benefit to its full advantage.

Advertising with Pay-Per Click

The major search engines offer this kind of advertising. Advertising that is driven with keywords popular keywords are searched on and if you have the highest bid your ad appears first in the list of ads on the search page. The search engine displays your ad and when someone clicks on it you pay for the click. It is a really great way to advertise and get lots of hits to your website. But do not think it is all easy. If you do not watch very close you could make some costly mistakes. Like an ad that gets lots of clicks and no sales. You can run up a very big advertising bill very fast.

So you are just starting out you have built a great website ready to sell your product or service what do you do to get traffic. It takes time to get listed with the major search engines to start getting traffic from them. A very quick and dirty answer is by using PPC or pay per click advertising. PPC can produce results very fast within hours of putting up your ad you can start getting traffic.

All the expert say Google is by far the best resource for PPC advertising. The others offer it at different rates. The biggest search engine gets the lion’s share of the traffic so it would be your best bet for fast results. Their service provides a lot of training and help picking the keywords and a very good interface for setting up your campaigns. You can program your daily limit you want to spend, start and stop times for your ads. They also have utilities to do some analysis on how your ads are doing.

A very easy way to get an understanding of what PPC is and how it works is go to one of the major search engine sites. Go to their search bar and type in a word like (boat) and press enter and see what comes up. In the main body you will get what is referred to as content information. It comes from thousands of sources. Like Websites, blogs. Forums, Articles and many more places. Then down the right hand side of the page are the PPC Ads. Try adding (boat service) to your search and see what comes up. You can put in phrases and ad brackets or quotes to get different search results. Play with it so you can get a feel for how the search engines find what people are looking for from the keyword or key phrases.

After you design your add you will bid on the keyword or phrases to make your ads appear in the searches. The cost of the bids can be as low as $.05 cents to hundreds of dollars a click for a phrase of keyword that is in a very big demand and very popular. The higher your bid the higher your ad placement will be. It may not be the most important thing to be first as it is to be on the first page. The people doing the searching will select from the first page and rarely if ever go more than 3 pages looking for something. The majority of clicks come from the first 10 ads and the first 3 spots are the best. One great thing about PPC advertising is the fast results and being able to change the ad for different results and not having to wait very long. To learn how to do this kind of advertising find and read some books on the subject get two or three points of view for the best results. There is a lot of trial and error with PPC but the rewards are bigger than any other kind of advertising. So just remember to do your home work first.

David Nettles lives in South Florida and runs his home-based business full-time. He is also the publisher of

Successful Ezine Advertising Techniques.

Ezines are highly effective advertising tool if done correctly. One of the most important advantage ezines have is the target group of people they refer to. Of course there are rules to be followed in order to succeed in ezine advertising.

1. Write Benefits Not Features.

It may sound cynical but most people are selfish. They dont care about your company or background but they DO care about the benefits they gain. So, instead of saying that the A software title contains these features, try to specify that it will save money and time in the exact amount. Be as accurate as you can on that.

2. Choose very careful the ezines you advertise.

An ezine of 150.000 subscribers may seem tempting but you should ask yourself, how the publisher got those subscribers? He bought the list, used FFA, or used similar methods? Does the publisher use contests for his subscribers in order to visit your website? If a subscriber visits your site because there is the expectation of gaining something how valuable this subscriber is for your business? Zero if you ask me.

3. Double opt-in much better than single opt-in.

Yes, if you find an ezine that builds the subscriber base with double opt-in method, its highly possible that you have a goldmine here. A double opt-in ezine of 2500 subscribers has more value than a single opt-in ezine of 10.000 subscriber base. With double opt-in you can be reassured that you will have no spam complains and the value of the prospects is much higher.

4. Run you ads more than once.

This is important because prospects have to see more than one time to absorb your message. One thing you can do is to run your ad 2-3 times and if the first is not successful you can modify your copy.

5. The Headline is all the money.

People have their mailbox filled with emails and spam these days. Obviously they dont have the time to read every single email they get. So the screening process starts with the headlines. Its a simple as that, if your headline sucks your all effort goes in vain. They will just ignore the whole message.

6. Call to action Create urgency sense.

This is a copywriting rule you must follow. You must use the time pressure technique to the readers in order to act now. You can use limited time discount offers. In that way you tempt the reader to visit your website which is your first aim.

7. Track your ads.

Do Not underestimate that factor. If you start to have sales, how would you know which ezines produce the results? You cant afford to miss that. With so many tracking software and services out there is no excuse to risk your advertising budget on guessing.

8. Focus on Top-Sponsor and Solo ads.

They are the most effective. Top sponsor ads are on the top of the publication and it is the first message the reader views. Solo ads are highly effective because the reader views your message alone with nothing else tracking his or her attention. Forget the classified ads, although they are cheaper. When you read a newsletter you focus on the content or the 15-20 displayed ads?

Finally, as a recommendation, you can start searching for effective ezines on the . Its the ultimate resource for tracking and advertising on targeted ezines.

How To Make Money With Contextual Advertising

Introduction to Contextual Advertising

Recently, advertisers have come to realize the large potential of the Internet as a media when it comes to advertisements. Advertisers are especially interested in using contextual advertising since it delivers targeted ads to a more receptive target audience.

Contextual advertising is a type of online advertising used mostly for content-based websites. With contextual advertising a program or system automatically scans a webpage’s content for specific keywords or search strings and based on the results then returns targeted ads based on the page’s content.

Types of Contextual Advertising

There are three types of contextual advertising: the pop-up or pop-under ads, in-text contextual advertising, and inline contextual advertising. Many are familiar with pop-up ads because they have been around for quite sometime. Gator actually uses this kind of contextual advertising wherein a window with relevant a relevant ad for some product or service pops up while a user is reading a webpage. Pop-up ads are however considered to be not that effective for advertising since most users find them very irritating and so make use of pop-up blockers to disable the ads. The ads therefore don’t get seen by people and in cases where they get through pop-up blockers they are usually simply closed without really being noticed. In-text contextual advertising, offered by companies like VibrantMedia, is considered to be less irritating. They are ads that appear as special hyperlinks linking to actual contextual ads and are found throughout the entire article being read. They are not ostentatious at all since they are completely user activated and leaves to the users the choice of whether to click on the links to view the entire ads or not. The third kind of contextual advertising is called inline advertising. This type of advertising is the one used by Google’s AdSense and Overture’s ContentMatch. With inline advertising targeted ads are placed on the right side of the page under the label Sponsored Links. This type of advertising isn’t intrusive and webpage owners get paid on a per click basis. Advertisers who want to be top of the list need only to pay at a higher per click rate to be on top.

Contextual Advertising in its Early Days

Although it was only recently made popular by Google’s AdSense, contextual advertising has been around for a longer time. It has actually been around since 2001 when eZula released its TopText product. Gator also had a king of contextual advertising going on for a long time. Publishers and other website owners, however, were not happy with eZula and Gator’s model for contextual advertising since eZula and Gator reaped the profits without the publishers earning anything from the ads. The release of Google AdSense, however, changed all that when they offered webpage owners a percentage of what the advertiser’s paid them. Advertisers on the other were happy as well since they only had to pay Google depending on the number of clicks made on their ads. This is very beneficial for advertisers since they only have to pay for the actual traffic routed to their site by the advertisements.

Another issue surrounding contextual advertising that sparked the ire of web surfers this time is the software that came with the contextual ads. The software used to be able to search for specific search strings were actually installed locally on the surfers’ computers without their consent or even their knowledge. Such software, called spyware, not only violated the surfers’ sense of privacy but caused their computers to behave erratically as well or at least slowed down the computers’ performance since the programs ran on the background without the surfers’ knowledge.

Although there were contextual advertisers that drew the ire of both publishers and surfers alike there were also some like Industry Brains,, and Applied Semantics who had their own models of contextual ads, which were viable and sparked no controversy. They have actually been around for sometime now their model seems to be working for them. Google, although relatively new compared to these companies who deal with contextual advertising, actually gained popularity faster and was able to spread the concept of contextual advertising to the world due to its stature as the number one search engine in web search at the moment. Because of Google’s AdSense contextual advertising boomed and more and more people are getting into it and are reaping the benefits.

Who Can Benefit from Contextual Advertising

As mentioned earlier, publishers and web page owners who were once unhappy with eZula’s model for contextual advertising became more receptive towards contextual advertising when Google’s AdSense came out. Google’s Adsense, Overture’s Content Match, and other second tier search engines like FindWhat and Kanoodle offer pay per click contextual advertising that benefit both webpage owners and advertisers alike.

Contextual advertising is very beneficial for all kinds of content-based sites like news and publisher sites as well as sites of small businesses and even personal blogs. However for your website to maximize your profit from the contextual ads on your site your site’s content should be of good quality, meaning that it should be rich, relevant, and updated on a regular basis. A site with poor content and that uses contextual ads would most likely point its target audience to another site that is of better quality. If this happens then your visitors will most likely return to your competitor’s site rather than your own site causing you to lose profit. News sites and publishers would most probably have no problem in delivering relevant and updated content but this can be a challenge to small businesses and personal websites. The use of content management systems (CMS) could help such cases, but even with a good CMS extra effort is required to ensure that the content is of good quality.

A good way you to increase the can of earning money from contextual advertising is by having a search engine in your site. Google’s Adsense and Overture both list contextual ads on their search results page. With a search engine in your site the chance of visitors clicking on an ad will increase and so will your profit.

Learn How To Make Your Solo Ads Convert

In order for any website or blog to truly succeed, it will need targeted traffic. There are many different ways to get visitors to your site, both paid and free. Some ways to generate traffic will give you great results, while other methods won’t. However, some methods, like solo advertising in ezines, have been proven to return excellent results every time.

There’s an ezine out there for any possible niche you’re thinking of targeting to place an ad in. Advertising in ezines gives you total control about where your ad is placed and how long the ad will run. This means you’re able to test the responses you receive from different ads.

If you want your ads to be effective, make sure they have a professional look. You can’t create an ad that is ridden with spelling mistakes and bad grammar, because that would obviously create a bad impression on the subscribers who are going to see the ad. To prevent mistakes from slipping in, use a spellchecker and always proofread everything a couple of times. If your ad doesn’t look professional, prospects who see it will not even give your product a chance, so pay attention to this.

Be sure you stay in contact with the ezine publisher before you send your ad to make sure everything is sorted out properly. This is especially important if you plan to personalize the solo ad, such as adding the subscriber’s name into the email subject line. If you can find a way to personalize your ad, your response rates will increase. Nowadays, personalizing any email isn’t difficult, which is why you shouldn’t ignore it at any cost. You need to clear these things with the ezine publisher before you publish your ad.

If you’re okay with offering discounts for your products, there’s no better way to utilize them than in your solo ad. If you only offer the discount to subscribers of the ezine you’re advertising in, it becomes an even bigger carrot. It doesn’t even have to be a major discount because small ten or fifteen percent discounts can have a huge impact on conversions. The main goal is to provide a little sweetener for their decision to buy and a small discount will do just that.

Solo advertising can be a very effective tool for internet marketers, so it’s something you should use to promote your business. Before investing in solo ads, thoroughly look into which ezines have the highest circulation and are best suited for your niche. Solo ads are not that difficult to figure out, as if you’ve done any other type of advertising in the past, the rules are basically the same. The more time you take to research your target market, and the places you advertise, the better your results will generally be. If you’re new to solo ads, start small and don’t worry if you don’t strike it rich immediately; you’ll learn and improve as you gain more experience.