What Is The Main Features Of Free Classified Ads Site’s.

All attempts to announce the most popular sites listed … In fact, in a network, there are many different ad .. Too many classified sites have much traffic and too much garbage from Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Cameroon … They work in negotiating to get more traffic and posted your ad will be hidden from view very quickly .. He will lose between millions of other ads. Many people have tried to use the ads, but without success. Today, free classifieds are not limited to the Internet-media or print media, these free classified ads and classified ads will be very hot-line slogans. The first free site has been classified Craigslist. There was a tendency to free internet classified advertising and is developing very rapidly in the modern world. There are lots of shops, businesses and websites that offer free online classifieds. These many classifieds sites, and promote free.

Internet promotion of bands in the world have become more popular. It is more effective and inexpensive ways to advertise the talent of a person or group of people. Band always use a group of social networking site, they can help them promote their talents. These websites provide a good platform that can help them leave their comments, suggestions and messages to fans of the group. The most famous social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Metacafe, YouTube, advertising, website, etc. These websites offer different styles of presentation. Data can be in the form of friendly comments or promotion of products and services that promote the band. There are many organization that uses these sites to promote their website. To post ads, you need to identify a forum where its ads will receive greater exposure to the target audience. In traditional media, the classified ads subject to the written press. This included newspapers and magazines. With the Internet revolution and the increased use of technology in forums that you can write ads have diversified to include online sites. Ads are specific forms of advertising, which is divided into different sections. They are usually published in the style, the same size and font. Although conventional ads were no illustrations, people now use the illustrations in the classified ads of both traditional media and the Internet.

To post classified ads, business or special services or product vendors are realizing that their lists will be published in a number of sections of a publication, electronic media (radio and television) or the Internet. Usually classified ads section attracts less expensive than other forms of advertising. Because of the first presented to the public, the classified section draws many ads are an important source of revenue for the publisher. The section is beneficial for advertisers, as well as being affordable, are the advertisers who post ads ensure that their advertising would be read by different people who have read the section every day looking for products and services real estate employment, automotive section, legal notices, lost and found section and section personnel, among others.

There are several advantages to using post classified ads as a marketing tool. These ads serve as a mini-site where you can register your business information, images and add to your products. In addition, the media is seen as a reasonable compared to other forms of marketing. You can also write ads on online portals. These Free classified ads in Pakistan are profitable. Some sites even allow you to download post ads for free. In addition, everyone from every corner of the people your ads and Internet consultant to buy your products through this medium. Online ads can be viewed at any time by anyone. You can also use a Free classified ads to get more visitors to your website. These ads are indexed by different search engines such as Yahoo, Google etc. which proves these ads on the page of search results.

Contextual Advertising – Google AdSense vs YPN


google adsense

Ever since Google AdSense opened up possibility to earn money as a web publisher, contextual advertising has assumed significance. Until a few years ago, banner ads were more favored. Google Adsense wasn’t around, and often odds were against small businesses to place ads and get noticed. Over time, banner ads became less preferable mainly because web viewers increasingly considered them as major distractions.

Overture and Google took in the scent quite early and started experimenting with text ads based on contextual advertising. Initially the emphasis was on showing text ads in search results when a search term coincided with the keyword chosen by the ads. AdWords took shape early 2002, and though Overture was already an old hand when AdWords started, the latter galloped ahead in no time.me.

Google AdSense is a late entrant, followed only recently by Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN). After YPN debuted, there is no stopping the comparison between the two. For an average web publisher today and in coming days, it will be like ‘the more, the better’. In this article, we will closely look at contextual advertising and how the competition between YPN and Google AdSense affects web publishers.

Contextual advertising – what it means?

Contextual advertising refers to those ads that are relevant to the content of a webpage in which they appear. For example, if a viewer visits a site about paintings, and the site shows contextual advertising like Google AdSense, the viewer will see ads related to paintings, such as watercolor works, art gallery and so on. Contextual advertising is dynamic, so if a viewer refreshes a webpage, a completely new set of ads appears.

Google AdSense on the cue

After overwhelming success of AdWords in relatively short time, Google AdSense came to be launched in early 2003, a program that is all about contextual advertising. To be true, eZula must retain credit of having first launched contextual advertising program way back in 2001. But it is Google AdSense which popularized the concept rapidly.

What is good about Google AdSense is that it allows web publishers of any size to display its contextual advertising and earn money.

In comes Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN)

yahoo-pn-logoAlthough belated, Yahoo launched YPN to take on Google AdSense in August last year in the field of contextual advertising. Though yet to be out of beta and still meant for US sites, YPN does appear as a whiff of fresh air in the sense that users will now have another option other than the ubiquitous Google AdSense. As of now, there is less variety in YPN compared to Google AdSense. However, YPN is said to be paying far more than Google AdSense for each click generated, which is one reason why YPN publishers are happy with its contextual advertising.

YPN versus Google AdSense

It is early days to compare between the two, especially since YPN is yet to debut internationally. Going through user experience, the most important point that crops up is YPN’s generous EPC as said above. Google AdSense is more superior in ad targeting which means more click-through-rate (CTR). Ad links are shown in Google AdSense, not so in YPN. On the other hand, while YPN displays link title to show the full ad text, Google AdSense does not.

In addition to text ads, Google AdSense also allows image ads in the same format as text displays. There is however no way to know from ad statistics as to how image ads perform vis–vis text ads. Though necessarily contextual advertising, image ads still are a throwback to old days of banner ads. YPN does not show image ads.

Summing up, there is no doubt that contextual advertising is here to stay. As YPN evolves further, the choice between it and Google AdSense can be expected to narrow down. For the moment, if you are not located in US, yet interested to make an earning through contextual advertising, the answer is Google AdSense.

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Article by Josh –
Josh is the webmaster of www.hostingfrenzy.com
Visit his site for a comprehensive web hosting directory, articles, tools, and much more.


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How To Earn Money From Flash Games

flash game is fun to play, but you can also earn money from it.

Anyone can make flash game and earn money. by using flash it is very easy to make game. flash game is an growing market and every year number flash gamer is increasing, by following method use can make profit from your created game

1) Sponsorship
2) In-Game Advertising
3) Self-publishing
4) Microtransactions
5) Freelance
6) selling full version

7) submit to portal

1) Sponsorship :

Flash game companies will pay money to have their logo shown in front of viewers. They’ll pay you a good sum to have their logos and spash screen put into your game, and most will even help you distribute it across the net. There are different type of sponsorship mode

your require a good quality game in order to get sponsorship, ordinary game are rejected by the sponsorship team

you can find sponsorship here www.FlashGameLicense.com

2) In-Game Advertising:

Hundreds of millions of games are played each month, and advertising agencies will be happy to help you make money off those viewers. Most in-game advertising agencies will provide ad inventory and API’s to implement the ads into your game, in exchange for a 40-50% cut of the profits your game makes from it’s ad sales.
success depend upon if your game goes viral otherwise , you wont earn much money

find ads here mochiads.com

3) Self-publishing:

Self-publishing is when you release your game with your own logos and branding onto the internet. Basically, it is self sponsored. Self-publishing is best for those developers who own a site or game portal and are looking to increase their traffic to that game portal.

you earn more money from ads shown by Google ad sense in your website

example http://www.obsessiongames.co.in

4) Microtransactions

Microtransactions are small payments that are made for in-game items. Hence the name, they are mini payments of anywhere from a penny to $10-20 for extra game content. Developers can sell in-game items such as levels, power-ups, experience, or anything that comes to mind.
There are quite a few companies competing for the microtransactions space. some of them are Gamer-safe and Mochi Coins.

5) Freelance:

Sometimes, it is more profitable to create a game for someone else. Typically, freelancing involves creating a game under supervision and guidance from a contractor. Freelance work can vary, but usually the contractor will decide the type of game and theme, leaving the actual game design, code and graphics up to you.

7) Selling full version

a One time payment for selling full version of the games is also another way you can earn directly from the player

6) submit to flash portal:

Another way of earning money is through submitting your game to exiting flash portal, you can earn money by submitting your game to flash portal like newground.com or kongregate. The more is the game play the more you earn


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Affiliate Commissions Understanding How Advertising and Affiliate Networks Pay Out Commissions

Copyright (c) 2012 RickyWeber.com

There are many advertising networks and affiliate networks that offer website owners the opportunity to earn income from running advertisments on their own website or by becoming affiliated with a product that will earn commissions from any sales that are generated. Nearly every major affiliate network or advertising network pays out commissions and income using a system called “net 30 accounts payable,” which means that your finalized earnings for any given month will be paid out to you approximately 30 days later. If you are serious about earning a living as an internet marketer then it is very important for you to understand the way that you actually get paid from affiliate and advertising networks. .

If you put yourself in the shoes of a major affiliate network company then it is easy for you understand exactly why commissions are paid out in this manner. Before any money can actually be sent to you in the form of a paycheck or direct deposit, it is important to make sure that all sales or advertising revenue have been generated legitimately without violating the company’s terms of service. For example, there are certain methods of promoting an affiliate product that are prohibited such as spamming other people’s email addresses once they have been added to a blacklist, or participating in unethical website traffic schemes called paid-to-click websites.

By choosing to pay out commissions on a 30-day accounts payable basis, the advertising or affiliate network is able to create a secure business environment both for the advertisers and for the publishers. Some novice affiliate marketers do not understand why they can not receive their affiliate commissions as soon as they are credited to their account, but the system of paying out finalized earnings 30 days after the fact is essential for preventing any advertisers from being scammed out of their money by website owners that are unethical.

Every major advertising or affiliate network has a long list of terms that publishers must agree to abide by, which will usually include having a privacy policy on their website as well as avoiding certain methods of promoting the website. Without these restrictions in place, an affiliate or publisher could damage the reputation of the advertiser by engaging in marketing methods that are frowned upon. By understanding the way that advertising and affiliate networks pay out commissions to bloggers and website owners, you will be in a position to earn a stable long-term income from the advertisements and affiliate links on your own website.

If you enjoyed this article provided by Blog-Success-Articles.com then please take the time to read about a popular make money online tool for anyone with their own website.

Spirit of India book by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Reviews,Summary,Plot)

Spirit of India book by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam (Reviews,Summary,Plot)

Reflecting the concerns, aspirations and dreams of the Indian youth. Having tasted the fruits of development, Indians are hungry for more – more education, more opportunities, more development. But their dreams of prosperous and united India seem precariously close to being shattered as the demon of divisive politics, the gaping economic inequalities, the increasing terror and unrest within and at our borders tear into the vitals of the nation and the very idea of nationhood. Under such conditions how do we preserve the core and concept of India and aim for development’nnAddressing these concerns and providing some answers is Dr. Kalam who believes that at the heart of the nation is the individual and it is only when each individual citizen achieves success that the nation can succeed.

Book Details Book: Spirit of India Author: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam ISBN: 8183512046 ISBN-13: 9788183512046 Binding: Paperback Publishing Date:2012-06 Publisher: Reem Publications Pvt. Ltd. Number of Pages:88 Language: Telugu

About Author Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (About this sound pronunciation born 15 October 1931 usually referred to as A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, is an Indian scientist who served as the 11th President of India. Apart from being a professor of aerospace engineering, he is also famous for his contribution to missile technology for India, pertaining to which he has been honoured Bharat Ratna award, India’s highest civilian honour.

He was born and brought up at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, being born in a poor family he had to work his way through average grades and financial hard ships, completing his studies in aerospace engineering at Madras Institute of Technology (MIT – Chennai). He joined Aeronautical Development Establishment of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India and is known for his many contributions to Aeronautical and Missile technology of India.

P. J. Abdul Kalam was elected president of India in 2002, defeating Lakshmi Sahgal, and was supported by both National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and BJP, then major political party of India. After serving office as a president till 2007 he is now a visiting professor at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and Indian Institute of Management, Indore; Chancellor of Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Thiruvananthapuram, a professor of Aerospace Engineering at Anna University (Chennai), JSS University (Mysore), and an adjunct/visiting faculty at many other academic and research institutions across India and is involved in philanthropic work as on 2012 .

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Spirit of India by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. our price 86, Save Rs. 13. Buy Spirit of India online, free home delivery. ISBN : 8183512046, 9788183512046

More Books

1. The Scientific Indian The Twenty-First Century Guide To The World Around Us by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam And Y.S. Rajan Price: Rs.250 Rs.238 Discount: Rs. 12 (5%) Delivered in 1-4 business days. Language: English

Binding: Paperback

2. The Scientific Indian The Twenty-First Century Guide To The World Around Us Book Summary of The Scientific Indian: The Twenty-first Century Guidento The World Around Us Turning Points by A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Price: Rs.199 Rs.159 Discount: Rs. 40 (20%)

Language: English

Binding: Paperback Turning Points

Key Features A memoir by the most popular president of India; a sequel to the million-copy-selling Wings of Fire

Revenue Generation Through Affiliates Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Marketing through affiliates is known as affiliate marketing. Someone who promotes other sites or products and earns a commission or flat fee based on results is known as Affiliates. It is also known as revenue sharing advertising between two websites. The affiliate website will display an online advertisement of another website. Internet traffic from the affiliate site will be driven to the other website. The affiliate will paid for displaying the advertisement.
For instance- firm A is promoting websites of firm B in their website so, when any visitor visit firm B web site through firm A websites then traffic directly driven to firm B website. Firm A will get commission or pre decided fixed fee.

Future of Affiliates Marketing:-

Affiliate marketing is among the effective methods for internet users to generate cash. Affiliates dont have to do anything, place advertisers ads on its own websites and wait for revenue generation. Now internet users are rapidly increasing so chance of converting visitor to customer is more. Advertiser have chance to attract more and more customer through effective lead which they get from affiliates and the conversion rate is quite high.
Why should advertiser approach publisher?
The answer is quiet simple, more publicity more customer. Database becomes strong. It will help in making future programming.

For example Facebook is an affiliate of Reebok, and Facebook has enormous traffic so any visitor who visits Reebok websites through Facebook are driven to Reebok websites and if he fills a sign up form and give his contact information in that case database becomes strong and this visitor can turn up to customer in future.

Type of revenue generation model:-

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Lead

Pay Per Sale

Cost Per lead
It is a cost per click method. An advertiser has to pay to affiliates/publisher as per the click counted on banners. Cost per click is often used when advertisers have a set daily budget. When the advertiser’s budget is over, the ad is removed from the rotation for the rest of the period. Only Facebook and Google are getting money through CPC.

Cost Per Lead
It is a cost per lead method. CPL defines how much revenue a publisher receives when he creates a lead for an advertiser. For example, the publisher may place an ad for gaming site on his website. If a user clicks on the advertisement link, he is directed to the advertiser’s website where he can sign up for gaming kind of account. If he chooses to sign up, a lead has been created and the publisher is paid a certain amount based on the CPL.

Pay Per Sale
It is a pay per sale method. Every time a sale is made as a result of advertising on the affiliate’s website, a percentage, or commission, is deposited into the affiliate’s account.

Importance of affiliate marketing:

– Affiliate Marketing is important for both the parties. Advertiser gets exposure, database of effective visitor and sales whereas publisher gets its commission or determined amount.

Another importance of Affiliate Marketing is that it has added to the increase of many online companies, including Amazon.com and eBay. It has become extremely common for industries to participate or offer affiliate marketing deals that are often built in a similar way as the industry offering them, making similar competitive changes when necessary.

Another benefit of affiliate marketing is the income potential associated with many affiliate markets. As long as people are happy to make online purchases, there is money to be made in affiliate marketing. There is no need to limit your affiliate marketing programs to just one type of product or service. Broaden range of products and services to assist in making earning potentials higher.

Another biggest benefit of Affiliate Marketing is you can work from home and the work is negligible, hours will be flexible, and you will basically be your own manager.

Affiliate Marketing can offer unlimited earning potential, facilitate you to work from home, and provide you with stretchy working hours. For these reasons alone, affiliate marketing is fast becoming an extremely popular way to earn a living.

With One Stroke Google Shuts Down Adsense Arbitrage For Good!

Isn’t it interesting how every time that Google clamps down on Adsense/Adwords arbitrage a flurry of fantastic and irresistible (for newbie marketers that is) arbitrage offers suddenly flood the internet? But more on that later, for now let me explain what Adsense arbitrage is just in case you don’t know.

Google runs the largest and most popular pay-per-click advertising model on the internet, commonly known as Google Adwords. The attraction of Google Adwords and other pay-per-click models is that you can draw almost instantaneous traffic to your website or blog. This is extremely convenient for those webmasters whose sites are new because getting relevant traffic to your internet real estate is perhaps the biggest challenge for most new internet marketers.

Pay-per-click advertising models such as Google Adwords require the advertiser to bid a certain amount on a particular keyword in order to get their ad strategically located on the SERPs (search engine results pages). For a better/higher placement of your ad on the SERPs you need to bid more for whatever keyword you’re targeting. Every time someone clicks on an advertiser’s ad, they are immediately transferred to the desired destination url that the advertiser designated when setting up that ad.

Also every time someone clicks on an ad, the advertiser is billed the amount they bid or sometimes less; hence the name pay-per-click advertising. The drawback to pay-per-click advertising is that if you are not careful you can rack up some pretty substantial fees with little profit to show for it.

The flip side of Google Adwords is Google Adsense. In actual fact Google Adsense ads are really Google Adwords, save for the fact they are located on individual websites and blogs as opposed to the search engine results index page (same thing as SERPs).

Google Adsense is an extra-monetization system for webmasters who display such ads (Adsense ads are what are known as Adwords For Content) on their sites. Webmasters (Publishers) get paid the amount the advertiser bid to have that ad displayed minus Google’s cut of course, which is 50%!


As you can see there’s a strong correlation between Google Adwords and Google Adsense which so happens to be the basis of the whole Adsense arbitrage technique. Wily marketers realized that if they could bid on cheap Adwords and send a lot of traffic from there to MFAs (Made-For-Adsense sites), which traditionally had little else on them except high paying Adsense ads, then those marketers could make a killing! And many of them did!


But soon enough, because of abuse of the Adwords/Adsense system, many advertisers jumped ship and took their business elsewhere. Of course Google was not happy with this turn of events because this resulted in a substantial loss of revenue for them, thus by incremental degrees they clamped down on those sites that were abusing the system. But it seemed that every check they put in place was countered by the wily Adsense profiteers.

For example a while back Google implemented the Adwords quality-landing-page algorithm, which basically was aimed at Google Adsense templates and MFAs, as well as nullifying the system of buying wholesale cheap (irrelevant) traffic with the sole purpose of getting said traffic to click on the Adsense ads that-more-or-less constituted the destination website in its entirety!

The way in which the Google Adwords quality-landing-page algorithm worked was as follows: if Google determined that a website offered little useful content (in other words was nothing more than an MFA); or if the content on the destination website widely varied from the description of the targeted keyword of the Adword ad from whence the traffic originated, then Google made sure that the webmasters of such offending websites had to bid much more for their Adwords keywords than the amount they made as Adsense revenue when someone clicked on the ads on their sites.

The Adsense profiteers countered this move by abandoning Google Adwords altogether in favor of other pay-per-click models such as Yahoo Publisher Network, Kanoodle and Miva (to mention but a few) where they could still bid cheaply for keywords with which to direct traffic to their MFAs and Adsense Template sites!

Inevitably, Google has finally reached the point of zero tolerance! Where beforehand they’d been treating Adsense profiteers with something akin to kids gloves, now they’ve adopted the big stick approach and ripped off those glove! As of June 1, 2007 Google has indefinitely suspended (interpret as forever) all Adsense Publisher accounts that it deemed guilty of the crime of conduct unbecoming; in other words those accounts that largely catered to MFAs and Adsense Template sites!


The Adsense arbitragers know that the game is up, but that does not mean they are going out meekly or quietly! Remember how I remarked at the beginning that isn’t it strange how any time Google shuts down or modifies a system-under-abuse, those responsible for that abuse suddenly litter the internet with a proliferation of outrageous money-generating offers based on that shut down system. Case-in-point is the get-google-adwords-free call to arms! Me thinks the sole reason for this call-to-arms is that the webmaster concerned has been shut out of his/her lucrative money-generating source and is looking for a final payday from the unwary.

My advice to you if you are tempted to fall for this evident scam is: Think carefully! Do you really think that Google got where they are (Number 1 in the search engine business) by allowing marketers to profiteer from a supposed loophole to the tune of 87 million dollars?

You can also bet that a lot of Adsense arbitrage marketers are going to migrate to other pay-per-click systems, such as Yahoo Publisher Network and other lesser pay-per-click alternatives! But it is my belief that they will find little fortune there too, because common sense tends to dictate that those businesses won’t encourage such activity either. I mean let’s get real, if marketers on those other networks feel that their dollars are being wasted as they were on the Adsense network, they’ll jump ship once again!

Google has made a bold and long overdue overhaul to its pay-per-click system, and with any luck advertisers will start migrating back to Adsense which should benefit those Adsense publishers with genuine content sites as well as Google.

Ad Networks(cpm Cpc Banner Ads, Cpm Popups, Etc)

Advertsol offers many different ad formats that you can use. These include popunders, skyscrapers, leaderboards, etc. We are into Media management where it is a leading source for finding business opportunities, We offer display advertising solutions.

Our media kit consists of CPM/CPC Text/Banner Ads, CPV Popunders.

Targeting options are:
* Over 3,000 Active publisher websites
* Serving 1 billion ad impressions per month
* Keyword targeting
* Contextual and Behavioral targeting
* Cheap Run of network advertising

Prices start from $0.50 CPM, $0.05 CPC and $0.008 CPV.

Advertsol is a dynamic online CPM / CPC / CPV / CPI advertising network. Advertsol.com is known worldwide for its empowering contextual platforms by offering all creative mediums, 150 + categories and excellent customer service!

Advertsol offers many ad formats and also a few ways of earning from them. They offer CPC/PPC Inline Text Ads, CPC/PPC Text Ads, CPM Graphical / Rich Media Banners (get paid on every 1000 banner impressions), Pop-unders where you get paid on each visit (CPV), Interstitial Ads that pays you per Interstitial ad shown, etc. As you can see, there is many ways you can make money from Advertsol, and best of all, Advertsol is giving you a huge revenue share, no matter if youre using CPC, CPM, CPI or CPV’s.

Advertsol.com offers CPV and PPC based advertising where the advertiser gets to choose which advertising option they want for their business. Advertisers can choose between Cost Per View where the advertiser can get more unique visitors for a low cost or they can choose Pay Per Click. Pay Per Click is where the advertiser can get targeted unique visitors for a more affordable cost. Online advertising is steadily robbing the market share from traditional media advertising. Given the potential of growth and increasing Internet marketing in India, online advertising is set to explode in coming years.

Advertsol is a leading online ad network in India offering tools to Publishers to help them manage, optimize, and make the most of their online advertising. On the other hand, advertisers have access to millions of clients worldwide in order to increase their consumer commitment, brand recognition, leads, and sales. They offer different options such as CPM and performance based CPC and CPA marketing. Advertsol is a ad network aggregator that helps publisher to maximize the revenue that you can earn from your web site.

Advertsol is an India based online advertising network that uses proprietary targeting technology to ensure advertisers reach out to the right websites from its inventory of publishers. Advertsol is another online Ad network in India. Advertsol is an online ad network specifically tailored to help advertising agencies take advantage of the digital medium. Targeted at the advertising and publishing industry in India, Digital Advertising Network solution helps deliver ads on the Internet based on geography, context, content, gender and age group relevant to specific requirement and target audience. You can earn from CPC Text, CPM Text, CPM Banners, CPC Banners, Full Page Ads, etc.

We are even buying traffic so please send me all your company info and the CPM prices and the ad server you use.

How To Test Market Using Door Hanger Advertising

Door Hangers Can Be Helpful in Targeting a Specific Group

Door hanger marketing is a way to market a specific business, service, or even make an announcement. Door hangers are very specific and come in a variety of different makes, designs, and sizes. They are also easy to make and the average person can easily make a door hanger at little cost to them. Making a door hanger is simple but does require a few materials to get started. To begin the more durable the paper the better. The heavier paper, known as card stock, is frequently best when it comes to longevity and durability. It is also important to have a computer and printer that can handle the job.

Any computer program will work, but you need a program such as Microsoft Word, or Adobe Publisher to do the job, as it is important to use text as well as a graphic of some sort. The design needs to be catchy, but simplistic and it must have a place for a door knob.

Most people who use door hangers distribute the hangers to a specific area themselves or with a group of people. This is the most cost effective way to do a small area, however there are companies that are available for a price that can aid in expanding the distribution area and aid in the number of bodies used to distribute.

This form of marketing is centralized and is proven to get a second look about 80% of the time. The goal is to reach the target, so the advertising should cater to the target. To be the most effective, adequate research of the area that the door hangers will be placed should be monitored to return the best results. The first time is usually the most difficult to get started, but once started door hangers are an effective way to generate results.

Door Hanger Marketing Emits Timeless “Door-to-door” Feel

Everyone has seen an old movie or listened to a story of the vacuum salesmen that go door to door selling their vacuum because it is the best. With the world the way that it is right now , door hangers have taken the place of the older door-to-door salesmen by being less intrusive and more effective.

Door hangers used to market a company are beneficial to everyone. They are light and strong and they don’t require an actual conversation. Door hangers are used to recognize a specific brand and are double sided therefore having 50% more information than a typical postcard. By hanging a door hanger the target does not fret that they were intruded on, and some may even pass them onto a friend because they tend to be light and less of a burden than that of a pamphlet or magazine.

Another positive about door hangers is that they are very accessible without a way to “opt out,” of the distribution. Most people do not mind a tiny hanger on their door, so the door hanger makes its way into the house and is more likely to be read. Doors are not the only places that the hangers can be placed. Some key companies place hangers on gates, security fences and anywhere else the consumer may commonly go .

Door hangers are a new way that companies are advertising as junk mail is demeaned . More prominent hangers can be recognized and aid in establishing a brand while general hangers are used for more widespread phrases such as “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” or something more practical such as “there are 1.7 million germs on this hanger.” The look of the hangers vary and range to extremely eye catching.

Pay Per Click Textual Advertising – Know the Basics

st Century – the century of high technology and internet is one of the great inventions for human being to move faster and smarter. The internet not only changed the communication patter but also changed the shopping and marketing style and now we are in the age of E-Commerce and M-Commerce.

To faster the business and to grab more quality leads or sales the new concept came in the first few years of 2000. And now we are in the age where we are in the stable state of the technical advancement of the internet marketing to create Online Branding.

While we are talking about the internet the name of GOOGLE we can’t skip that. Google make the internet world much faster and smarter. We can now use Google platform to promote website and we can pay Google to show our ads in there search engine. Now let us explain how this sponsors textual ads works.

There are broadly 2 ways for online sponsor advertising for textual advertisements. First we call Cost per impression model and other Pay per click adverting module. The names itself suggest its activity or its basic definition.

In case of pay per impression (PPM or CPM)- Advertisers need to pay publisher some money for the 1000 impression (Impression means how many times user views the page of publisher where Advertising of merchant displays) The cost varies as per the vertical of the product, the publishers popularity. The cost can vary from $0.10 to $500 per thousand impressions. For this kind a advertising, merchant don’t have to pay the publisher for any sales or lead generated or clicks happened on the advertising.

In case of Pay per Click (PPC or CPC) – Advertisers will only pay to publisher on if the users click on the advertising of the merchant. Also the advertisers don’t have to pay any commission if any sales or leads happen. The cost per click is depends on the landing page quality, how long the site there live, the keywords target market, click trough rate ( CTR), historical performance and more. The cost can vary from $0.01 to $6.50 per click.

The pay per click advertising is one of the most popular ways of advertising. To get most benefit from PPC you can take help of Google Certified professionals and they can assist you to increase ROI. If you like you can directly contact with our Pay per Click experts. Mail us: contact[at]ourscompany.com

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